A Devil of a Whipping has ratings and 27 reviews. Manray9 said: Lawrence Babits’ Devil of a Whipping: The Battle of Cowpens is an impressive work of. The Battle of Cowpens Lawrence E. Babits – ISBN – As the second most important battle in the Revolutionary War, Cowpens. The battle of Cowpens was a crucial turning point in the Revolutionary War in the South and stands as perhaps the finest American tactical demonstration of t.

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Trivia About A Devil of a Whip Sep 28, David rated it it was ok. And when a miss-communicated order threatened victory, he used it to turn the battle around even more and bring about the collapse of the British army. Today, Cowpens is a national battlefield park, a short drive from Spartanburg, South Carolina.

They were caused to record specific details to corroborate their participation, and Babits reviewed their interviews, commenting that they were surprisingly consistent when compared with each other. Very detailed book on Cowpens, with plenty of maps, With the detailed analysis of the American army and unit strengths in chapter 2, it might have been easier to keep the various units of the American army straight if the author included an order of battle down to the company level, with the names of the unit’s commander.

A very academic treatment of the subject with lots and lots of names, statistics, titles, ranks, and dates. Finally 71st Highlanders were surrounded and surrendered. But because it is so detailed it is dry. I am not a student of whippping War, but I found this account fascinating.

A Devil of a Whipping: The Battle of Cowpens – Lawrence Edward Babits – Google Books

This book is different than previous histories of Cowpens because I highly recommend this book as an updated history of the Battle of Cowpens. As a reader, it isn’t captivating, but for a student exploring a key battle of the Revolution it could be a valuable tool.

That the British army was led by the Lawrence E. By this point, experience with British tactical preferences plus superior knowledge of the terrain gave the American troops the edge, but it was a near thing.


I found it gripping, and a supurb example of ‘the new military history’.

He picked the land at Cowpens for its strategic terrain advantages. One of the first military histories of the War for Independence to make extensive use of the pension records in the National Archives.

The masterful work that he has produced cowpenss far towards achieving that purpose.

Tarleton gets a short biographical examination in this book, but comes off seeing half-forgotten in the narrative. Syndicate this site XML. Feb 10, L. The author painstakingly examines every aspect of the battle. The narrative is easy to read and bagtle, but doesn’t skimp on hardcore information – a serious student of the battle will appreciate this book as will a newbie to the conflict.

A Devil of a Whipping: The Battle of Cowpens

This book will stand as the model for any such future effort. They are few, but ocwpens little annoying. A Devil of a Whipping: The masterful work that he has produced goes far towards achieving that purpose. The first kink in their plan came at the Battle of King’s Mountain, but it would be at the Battle of Cowpens that the British would lose a bigger and more strategic battle that would set them on a course that would end at Edvil and losing the war.

Open Preview See a Problem? Army principally comprised of militia – something that few would have thought possible in the early years of the Revolutionary War.

Don’t have a Kindle? He presents an accurate accounting of the numbers involved and the battle’s length. How Morgan’s troops became a separate “wing” or Gen. Altogether it is a stirring report of one of the most important battles in American history. Babits put the events at Cowpens into a sequence that makes sense given the landscape, the drill manual, the time frame, and participants’ accounts.

So a recent visit to the battlefield corrected this problem once I got acclimated. The victory at Cowpens helped put the British army on the road to the Yorktown surrender and, ultimately, cleared the way for American independence. The Battle of Cowpens Lawrence E. This is a knowledge packed, well researched book that makes a great contribution to the better understanding of the tactics used, why they were effective and how the Americans turned their weakness to a strength while exploiting British tactics and patterns to their best advantage.


Our Victory Was Complete Military.

Jerry Teipen rated it liked it W 13, I too found it somewhat distracting, but figured that that amount of detail is necessary when writing a fevil that makes significant corrections about the details of a battle. Babits spent considerable time reviewing other writings, but offers for the first time the study of reports from the many minor participants in the battle.

Using veterans’ statements and an analysis of wounds, he shows how actions by North Carolina militia and American cavalry affected the battle at critical times. The American cavalry support was outstanding, as Tarleton had unwisely left a number of his troops in reserve, including some of his best cavalry.

In the ‘s, federal pensions were granted for living survivors of the war, amongst them hundreds of men who had fought at Cowpens. If your idea of what the American Revolution in the South was like is based on “The Patriot”, you’ll learn a lot from this book.

All this was done in just a few minutes. Apr 11, Eric rated it really liked it. Paperbackpages. And, by fitting together clues from a number of incomplete and disparate narratives, he answers questions the participants themselves could not, such as why South Carolina militiamen ran toward dragoons they feared and what caused the “mistaken order” on the Continental right flank.

One of the best analyses that we have of an individual Revolutionary War engagement. The American Revolution in the Carolinas.

Babits book on Cowpens clears up a lot of questions about unit strength, the composition of the American force at Cowpens, as well as troop movements during the battle. There are some useful maps of the battle itself and one of the region, although a map showing the relative movements of the two armies during the campaign would have been helpful.

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