University of Newcastle upon Tyne Intl. Summer School Creative Writing: North of Where? Commentary on the power of Symbolism in Tayeb Salih’s story:” . The short story A Handful of Dates, by Tayeb Salih uses many different themes and literary techniques to tell a story of an innocent young boy discovering life’s. A Handful of Dates By: Tayeb Salih. This story is about a young boy whos looks up to his grandfather as a god. They are muslim which means.

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Saliih November 5, 7: He waited for the moments when Masood was under the greatest financial pressure–and that way, bit by bit over forty years; he took advantage of Masood’s property, and gained possession of two thirds of his land.

Abhimanyu Sharma December 21, 8: The latter being one of them; it can also refer to the exploitation practiced by nationals when a powerful individual or firm uses or abuses his status or capacities to bring others to their knees underpay them, forcing them to lose hold of their possessions, snapping the fruition of their labor, standing on the way of their development, denying their right to share power, wealth, luxury, etc. I think that the story discuses an important theme with regard to the absolute power which tends to corrupt basically the social level of society.

Hating his grandfather for exploiting Masood’s troubles and spewing out the dates he was given to munch were the only logical and reasonable reactions he was capable of producing, x the limited physical and logistical capacity he was equipped with. This was news for me, for I had imagined that the land had belonged to my grandfather ever since God’s Creation. I loved to give rein to my ealih and picture myself a tribe of giants living behind that wood, a people tall and thin with white beards and sharp noses, like my grandfather.

One day, the neighbour of the grandfather, Masood, told them that he was harvesting the dates and asked if they wanted to help.


I fancy you don’t like our neighbor Masood? If anything the narrator may feel as though he has more in common with Masood who he likes than he does with his grandfather. Before my datez ever replied to my many questions, he would rub the tip of his nose with his forefinger; as for his beard, it was soft and luxuriant and as white as cotton wool – never in my life have I seen anything of a purer whiteness or greater beauty.

The end of the story is also interesting as the connection that the narrator felt with his grandfather has been transferred to Masood. Newer Post Handfuk Post Home.

It also refers to any local unorthodox or unjust ruling which abused people, drifted them aside and marginalized their capacities. In Next Door Paul the protagonist is confronted by a woman who attempts to bribe him.

I believe I salkh his favorite grandchild: I do not think that the boy will forgive his grandfather.

The action of this story, as with many of the stories written by El Tayeb Salih, occurs in the fictional setting of the village of Wad Hamid, which is in Central Sudan. Why is Masood the only character who got a name among other characters? Directly we finished our Koran reading in the morning I would throw down my wooden slate and dart off, quick as a genie, to my mother, hurriedly swallow down my breakfast, and run off for a plunge in the river. The Man and bj Thought.

I said to my grandfather: I pictured the palm tree as something with feeling, something possessed of a heart that throbbed.

I want Character sketch of Masood,Grandfather and narrator. Dermot Post Author September 29, 7: How I wished my grandfather wouldn’t do what he’d said!

A Handful of Dates by Tayeb Salih

Notes on Tayeb Salih’s: And those trees – sant, acacia, and sayal? He appears to be more concerned with making money than how his relationship with the narrator might be developing.

Symbolism in the presentation of ideas and figures is a common practice to flesh out a theme in Tayeb Salih’s writings. I heard him make a noise in his throat like the rasping of a sheep being slaughtered. Stigmatizing Masood as an indolent and much-married man was how he justified his getting hold of his fields. This Story can be connected to the theory of Italo Calvino, a theory discuses the ” right and wrong political uses of literature”. Though I suggest that Masood is in a state of confusion.


To which he answered, having rubbed the tip of his nose: Would you have reacted the same and run away from your hero? This blatantly shows the disgust the child feels towards his grandfather.

Handful of Dates – short story by Tayeb Saleh

You’re still fifty pounds in debt to me, said my grandfather to Masood. Contributing to the depiction and thus, the understanding of the natural habitat in Sudan as a model of an Afro-Arab community with the details of life based on love for and dependence on palm saljh as major source for income and a criterion to measure power; 2.

The protagonist of the story, the boy, is presented in such a way as to imply his uniqueness in behaviors. The physical description of the exploiter i.

He described his grandfather as a very tall person that has a white, soft as cotton beard. I remembered Masood’s singing, his beautiful voice and powerful laugh that resembled the gurgling of water. I must have been very young at the time. Suddenly my grandfather woke up, jumped to his feet, and walked toward the sacks of dates. He wants all the land and he knows in time he will get it too. It can well stand for any tyrannical political or economic ideologies or regimes which happened to rule Sudan or other parts of the world, datds.

This story is about a young oof whos looks up to his grandfather as a god.

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