IBM’s Relative Performance (rPerf) metric is a great tool for comparing commercial workload performance between different Power System servers. It’s often. This post outlines a recent Nigel Griffiths tweet about estimating rperf for your LPAR. Read on to find out more. Articles on IBM AIX performance including server throughput, system performance and IBM AIX commands.

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Note that rPerf can only be used for making comparisons within Power servers. However, there are times when this approach isn’t possible.

Charlie Cler supports customers in a solutions-architect role at Forsythe Technology Inc.

IBM Systems Magazine – AIXchange blog

X We use cookies to optimize your visit to our website. These requirements would make it extremely costly to publish multiple data points for each Power Systems model. I have done this sort of exercise myself in the past.

I call these my Ten Golden Rules or considerations to remember while using rPerfs for sizing. Running industry benchmarks can be very expensive.

The biggest pitfall is trying to use benchmarks without knowing the system bottleneck. We use cookies to optimize your visit to our website.


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Provide a reason for quarantining this blog entry optional: Running older software from the older machines can cause a mismatch with your rPerf expectation.

There is no way to convert a roltp number to a rPerf. Numerous benchmark programs are in use today. More Articles From Charlie Cler. Particularly as you move to larger servers, the topology of the cores and memory that are used can have a big effect on the aic and memory affinity of the LPAR and thus have a big effect on the actual performance.

There are many pitfalls in using benchmarks in computer sizing endeavors. How do I use the vio More Articles From Tom Farwell.

Latest AIX with Service Packs – like all benchmarks, the best operating system version is used to get those latest performance fixes and improvements. Downtime needs to be built-in to allow the removal of problems in the above. This is the configuration used in working out rPerfs and unused DIMM slots or minimum memory will reduce performance. Nor can IBM promise that specific updates will fix all known problems in the universe.

Particularly, take and early opportunity to apply the first two updates after the initial release. The performance capabilities of an server requires systematic work to unleash the full performance potential of the underlying computing platform.


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Disk Flash Servers Software Tape. If it says estimated then it is NOT an official number. Read The Current Issue: We’ll focus on the rPerf benchmark, which is an estimate of commercial processing performance, relative to other pSeries systems, used by IBM. The Fast Path to Great Performance.

Thanks for your use, help and feedback, Nigel Griffiths.

How to Use rPerfs for Workload Migration and Server Consolidation

The rperf numbers are only available for certain number of CPUs. He can be reached at ccler forsythe. You have to be realistic and understand that you will need to be able to move up to later levels of software and firmware to take advantage of improvements.

Since IBM owns and controls the rPerf benchmark, it rperd report both actual and estimated data for Power servers.

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