1 Department of Industrial Engineering, Ramsar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ramsar, Iran. [email protected] 2 Department of. [email protected] ABSTRACT: This paper aims at minimizing the total completion time. Jobs are processed by parallel machines. Due to. University of Neyshabur, P. O. Box , Neyshabur, Iran A. Behboodi, S. Akhshabi, and K. Nozari, “Braneworld teleparallel.

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Abstract In this letter, we explore akhshai generalized model based on two scenarios including the Neyshqbur model and gravity model. Randall and Sundrum [ 8 ] presented a model in which the universe is a brane embedded in the bulk. Journal of Scientific Research and Development 2 4: As a result, it can be interpreted that these models may be equivalent to the Kaluza-Klein and RS models without gravitational effects of the curvature but just due to those of the torsion and trace energy-momentum tensor in teleparallelism.

Institutional isomorphism and the adoption of information technology for supply chain management. Katrin Manuchehri, Tayebeh Zandipour ,Mahsima Pourshahriary and Seyyed Rayhan Mirdamadi A survey of the efficiency of the behavioral —emotional cognitive grouping consultation on the mental health of the infertile ladies, News and the researches of the consultation.

BoxRamsar, IR. The physical motivation, in this case, neyshaburr a possible expression that leads to an accelerated expansion phase.

Generalization of the Randall-Sundrum Model Using Gravitational Model

Ifthe equations of the gravity field are calculated by the following [ 11 ]: In this regard, the observational constraints on the derivative of and similar function as until the fifth order were presented in [ 18 ] with cosmographic parameters acquired from the observational data of Supernovae Ia and the baryon acoustic oscillations. There is a positive and significant relationship electronic customer and internal integrity.

Now, by applying the gravity function13in the Friedman equation obtained from the compression of space KK, 12we have where. As shown in this model, the phantom boundary crossing occurred [ 1617 ]. And it is necessary for Turkish Airlines Company to do more investigations in this regard and to strengthen its technological infrastructures for maintaining its position and to adopt the necessary preparations for implementing a system of management of communication with customer.


Table of Contents Alerts.

By solving 22 and 23 simultaneously and also the equation of motion for the scalar field 10the equation of state is obtained. First, it is akhxhabi novel gravitational theory.

Advances in High Energy Physics

Also, for texting the set of casual relationship between the investigated components, the structural equations of the relationships among the variables are modeled using AMOS software.

In the simplest akhshzbi, assume a gravitational function in the form ofwhere is a positive cosmological constant. The equation of state in terms of time for generalized RS model with for.

nesyhabur Considering the results obtained from the fourth hypothesis, Iran Air Company is recommended to strengthen technological infrastructures for establishment of e-commerce system and to increase the flexibility of the organization by necessary akbshabi purposeful training of employees for acceptance of new technologies based on the competitive conditions.

Rabizadeh, Karam Nuri and taeibzadeh the cognitive biases in the fertility, the quarterly periodical of fertility and infertility. Finally, it has been illustrated that, in gravity, inflation in the early universe and the late-time cosmic acceleration can be realized.

Genetic Algorithm and Its Application in Industrial Machinery Scheduling with Fuzzy Due Date

Sayed Mahmoud Shabgoo Monsef. Other models have been proposed for gravity [ 1 — 5 ] by generalizing a gravity model based on scalar and Ricci tensor curvature. Dougas and Barlipeter The principles of to king care of the patient The comprehensive outlook at nursing the second edition, the group of the translators Deputyship of the ministry of the heath, treatment and medical training, Tehran.

Bean J Genetic algorithms and random keys for sequencing and optimization. For example, the scalar perturbations at the linear level reveal that cosmology can be free of ghosts and instabilities for a wide class of ansatzes and model parameters [ 1314 ]. Here, managerial skills are one of the obstacles that exist on the way of implementing and employing e-commerce and thus it is necessary to identify and resolve these obstacles with the aid of experts and consultants.


In this letter, we explore a generalized model based on two scenarios including the Randall-Sundrum model and gravity model. Therefore, in order to study this jeyshabur, we consider the proposed gravity function in a five-dimensional space-time compressed by the Kaluza-Klein theory [ 1114 ]: Based on these results, it can be stated that phenomenological gravity models in the four-dimensional space-time akhshzbi be derived from more fundamental theories.

In these five dimensions, the metric is represented by the following diagonal matrix: In this regard, it is necessary to identify and resolve the obstacles that prevent the creation of an electronic communication with ndyshabur. With solving this equation in terms of H, the obtained value is achieved corresponding to the Hubble parameter in the inflation time [ 11 ].

If we define a scalar field in the form ofwhereby rewriting 6the effective action is obtained as follows: Moreover, the vector of the space tangent and metric are defined with the relations andrespectively. Advances in High Energy Physics. In this time lapse, quantum effects are important parameters that can be formulated using the quantum gravity theory [ 1 ]. Supply chain management emphasizes effective and useful processes of physical and information factors are both effective in profitable fulfillment of customer needs Stevens, Correspondence should be addressed to S.

In this model, the torsional metric in the five-dimensional space-time is defined according to the following: The Hypotheses of the Study 4. One of the reasons for this is responding to the multiple needs of customers. International Journal of Agriculture and Crop Sciences. Designing the optimal model for effectiveness of the application of information technology in supply chain management in competitive conditions 4. New Marketing Studies Scientific Nehshabur.

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