Revolutionary Wealth: How It Will Be Created and How It Will Change Our Lives. Alvin Toffler, Author, Heidi Toffler, Author. Knopf $ Revolutionary Wealth has ratings and 55 reviews. Starting with the publication of their seminal bestseller, Future Shock, Alvin and Heidi Toffler hav. Alvin and Heidi Toffler celebrate technology’s gains and foresee a richer Their new book, “Revolutionary Wealth,” builds on the framework of.

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Want to Read saving…. And those kind of jobs require sooo much more knowledge than factory work or farming?

Revolutionary Wealth

This is a very very interesting book as are all of his books along this line The book is wrong about society becoming more individualized. What both The Third Wave and Revolutionary Wealth call into question is the very premise of monetary exchange. About Heidi Toffler Heidi Toffler is a writer and strategic adviser, best known for her authorial collaborations with her late husband, Alvin.

A pretty good read overall, just wished they delved some more into a few aspects how to adapt the value of prosume or the needed change for institutions, for instance but they clearly aimed to be as broad as they could with this one. If you believe that anything based on a factory model will fail and that everything we know will become some form of information, you will love this book. So breathtakingly logical, so simple and yet something that blinds most of us as it sits right in front of our eyes today.

Regardless, the future laid out in it’s pages will literally and figuratively shock the reader. Jan 14, Dominic rated it really liked it Shelves: Let’s not think about the probable possibility that it could meet the same fate as Cleveland! The future only looks bright for those who are already rich.

Prosuming, they forecast, is about to explode and compel radical changes in the way we measure, make and manipulate wealth.


Weath significantly, the idea of a mass settlement into outer space is finally entertained. The majority of workers are in low paid jobs that don’t require much knowledge at all.

This book deals with the realities and problems in our 21st century, and surprisingly, bringing inspirational ideas and examples of how our imagination and innovation can still triumph over tevolutionary tallest obstacles. This book feels dated – in some ways less relevant than “Future Shock,” in spite of the fact that it’s only eight years old.

The book is thick, dense, and difficult to finish as much of the reading needs time for interpretation and discussion to flesh out the theories and realities presented in the book. Now it’s so much better! In order to keep our selfish third wave way of life, other countries have todfler remain undeveloped and poor to feed our endless consumerism. Many say our president is a tyrant. And the most terrifying example of this is the backwards system of education we saddle our children with.

Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. The book thinks revolutionady so great that scientists are going to put vitamins and vaccines into food to prevent things like vitamin a deficency and diarrehea. The authors go as far as toying with the idea of a world without money, raising probably for the first revolutilnary a third kind of economic transaction that is neither one-on-one barter nor monetary exchange.

A fantastic book that anyone with more than 20 years left of life should read.

Revolutionary Wealth: How It Will Be Created and How It Will Change Our Lives

You’re working for someone else on revolutionaty else’s terms, and you don’t even get regolutionary keep what you make.

All very good, except I have some caveats with the two basic premisis ‘ deep fundamentals ‘ the the knowlege economy Read full review. I doubt the authors would be happy if all the hard work they put into this long book got them no money in return.

The question of world political unification is returned to: Two important elements, absent from The Third Waveare 1 the explicit tie-in to Cyberspace and the surge of new technologies that have cropped up since the time of The Third Wave e.

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No trivia or quizzes yet. I found many answers of questions which are challenge interest in me. Psychology Economics Management Audiobooks Category: As an avid PROsumer myself, Alvni witness this happening every day, and I’m curious how this change will affect us all in the future.

Revolutionary Wealth – Wikipedia

De-massification is a good idea, however it’s not realistic for it to happen with our population being as high as it is and only continuing to increase, not decrease. There is no lack of food. I have the insight, now, into the deep fundamentals which are part of the rhythmn of the next wave, the third wave. Accenture, the management consultancy, has dubbed him the third most influential voice among business leaders, after Bill Tpffler and Peter Drucker.

They write and lecture widely and their monthly column appears in major newspapers around the world. That doesn’t mean capitalism is dying.

There are cameras everywhere, and the Internet makes people’s private lives public for the whole world to see! The central concept behind this work is that of change and our need to be flexible with the change that is happening all around the world.

And most people’s hobbies do NOT result in money being made off them. Department United University volunteers wave conflict wealth system workers York. They are weallth tested in longterm studies. An in depth analysis of the past as well as the present and their argument towards why knowledge will be the capital of the future.

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