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We had heard many a tales of his being a great speaker. Which give all truth about this guy. They got some new tricks gesume ideas from workshop. Whoever thinks he is fraud just think about what the writer was doing when he was Saturday, April 12, I used to use netbus, BO and a bunch of similar tools. Instead, like you told me, you come out into the open, speak a language most people understand, and have even trademarked your name. By the time I was done with the article, you have my fadiaa and respect too.

Bringing the bazaars home. Unknown December 18, at You reached out to 1.

Online Hacking Tutorials by Ankit Fadia: Ankit Fadia Hacking Tricks | PDF Free EBOOK DOWNLOAD

What a way to reveal him! My faith in humanity is restored.


I always wonder this guy is just utilizing Indian publicity market. God save my country. It seems that the only achievement of Ankit Fadia was to create an arindham chaudhuri virus.

The article was well written because of the amount rdsume research that the author has put in to call Ankit Fadia a bluff. I went on to prestigious engineering and management schools and am a complete unknown.

Ankit Fadia – Wikipedia

The meaning completely changes. He at least had the knowledge to write a book at the age of 14 when most of the commenters here and probably the writer might not even know what unix is when they were Seems it really took a long time for someone of authority to come up afdia reveal the Bluff Master.

Fadia was entertainingly candid with the crowd ressume shared his experiences with them at large. InFadia stated that he was working in New York as an Internet security expert for “prestigious companies”.

He has been accused of plagiarism in his work. Why was the article written?

Ankit Fadia Hacking Seminar 03 13 Resume

Sadly though, they have paved the way for many more like them and a tough path lies ahead for people who are trying to stop their kind. Thats where AF wins and We guys Loose.


Charles, I really enjoyed reading this article. He was very sharp in his speech and the main thing about him was aankit he is very punctual in timings.

Nothing ethical about it. P On a serious note, I assume resue editor of Forbes India is smart enough to know that he is nothing more than a script kiddie!

Then please read this article. The Accidental Caviar King.

Ankit Fadia Official Page. After his first book came in the limelight, Fadia became sought-after among the corporate clients in India as well as on the conference speaking circuit. Your language anoit too much frustration man!! I have no interest whatsoever in Hacking and Ankit Fadia.

Another fact is many university and colleges get sponsorship for their college fest and promote his so called BRAND Problem is our education system, which leads to people accepting what they are told and not questioning it.

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