To assess level of asthma control and to identify possible disease management problems for patients with asthma. Surveys were mailed to a random sample of eligible participants, including the ACT, the Asthma Therapy Assessment Questionnaire (ATAQ), Mini Asthma. The Asthma Therapy Assessment Questionnaire (ATAQ), developed and distributed by Merck & Company, Inc., was used to evaluate the.

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Change in asthma control over time: ATAQ appears to have satisfactory measurement properties and is ready for use to identify patients who might benefit from further disease management efforts or medical attention. Asthma management plan, Characteristics of Asthma Control Assessment Tools.

Recent studies found that the ACQ is valid for use in children 6—17 y old. The ACQ has shown high reliability in adult subjects who remained clinically stable between consecutive visits to the clinic an intraclass correlation coefficient of 0. This finding limits the ability to use these tools interchangeably. The targeted patient age is another difference among tools. These barriers were the study outcome measures.

Accessed May, 15, Web-based diaries and the asthma control test. This review examines the tools that have established psychometric properties and have been extensively studied in terms of their content or ztaq, methods of administration, and ability to reflect the overall status of asthma control.

The Asthma Therapy Assessment Questionnaire (ATAQ) for children and adolescents.

The objective of this study was to evaluate a relatively low-cost managed care organization, worksite-based, employee education program designed to improve control of asthma in workers. Childhood Asthmq Control Test and airway inflammation evaluation in asthmatic children. Respirology ; 17 2: Avoiding Evaluation Roadblocks 1A. Correlation between the Korean version of asthma control test and health-related quality of life in adult asthmatics.

  DODI 2000.16 PDF

Adults with Asthma

Participants were given incentives to encourage completion of the program including a free lunch at every session, a free 1-year subscription to Athma Magazinea wellness tote bag filled with educational materials, a copy of the book How to Outsmart Your Allergiesand a drawing for a number of items useful for people with asthma.

The minimum clinically important difference for the ACQ was found to be 0. Nevertheless, the LASS was the only tool reviewed above that evaluated the risk of asthma exacerbations as part of its assessment.

These tools are simple and easily completed by patients to facilitate an objective assessment of asthma management. Ataa ACQ score is the mean of the 7 items, which gives all items equal weight. J Occup Environ Med aatq 51 7: The cACT was developed in to assess asthma control in children 4—11 y old.

Benefits to the employer included the prospect of increased productivity reflecting a potential reduction in absences from work and impaired work performance, enhanced employee morale, and decreased medical claims. The minimally important difference of the Asthma Control Test.

Measuring quality of life in the parents of children with asthma. Despite the fact that measures of lung function are infrequently performed because spirometry equipment is costly and is not always available, 79 these measures are considered an essential criterion of asthma control in both the GINA and NAEPP EPR-3 guidelines.

It is estimated that million people of all ages and diverse ethnicities suffer from asthma, and about 1 in every is estimated to die from asthma worldwide. Measurement properties and interpretation of three shortened versions of the asthma control questionnaire.

Evaluation of association between airway hyperresponsiveness, asthma control test, and asthma therapy assessment questionnaire in asthmatic children. The asthma control test ACT as an alternative tool to global initiative for asthma GINA guideline criteria for assessing asthma control in Vietnamese outpatients.


The minimum clinically important difference for a tool is the smallest change in score that can be considered clinically important.

Asthma control was significantly associated with measures of physical health, psychosocial health, resource use, and family impact.

Nathan et al 9 reported high internal consistency of the ACT score with specialists’ ratings among subjects with controlled asthma as well as subjects with uncontrolled asthma 0. Eur Respir J ; 9 4: An ACQ score has a range from 0 totally controlled to 6 severely uncontrolled. Both tools have been validated for use as self-administered tools in astha, at home, 40 or by telephone 26 and in different languages.

Asthma Control Assessment Tools | Respiratory Care

Global strategy for asthma management and prevention: Evaluation of the Asthma Control Test: For instance, they use different ranges for their scoring systems. The mean score for control barriers showed a positive trend, declining from 1. Am J Manag Care ; 13 The FirstAir Asthma Education Program consisted of five weekly 1-hour sessions conducted during lunch hours.

Validation and agreement across four versions of the asthma control questionnaire in patients with persistent asthma. Validity of Asthma Control Test in Chinese patients. Respir Med ; 95 5: Responsiveness Schatz et al 13 reported that changes in ACT scores were strongly correlated with changes in ACQ scores, moderately correlated with changes in specialist control ratings, and weakly correlated with change in percent-of-predicted FEV 1 values.

Guidelines for management of asthma in adults:

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