Title, La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico. Attualità e coscienza. Author, Pier Luigi Ighina. Publisher, Atlantide, ISBN, , Title, La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico: con 21 figurazioni. Author, Pier Luigi Ighina. Edition, 2. Publisher, Galeati, Length, 87 pages. Export Citation. Pier Luigi Ighina ( in Milan – in Imola), was an Italian researcher. His unorthodox Bibliography[edit]. Pier Luigi Ighina, La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico, Imola, Galeati, (ISBN X). Giusy Zitoli, Io l’ho conosciuto.

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With this idea he was able to create some sort of canals that would take the motion away from the observed atoms and make them be almost still. Only by variation of the field itself he was able to project some of these conditions through it. In order to go on other planets, we need to create the same magnetic field as we have on earth.

So, in my opinion, if Ighina is a “Crazy” is a “crazy” that speaks and acts as a wise and so should be enough. However, no official proof of oghina collaborations are known.

Magnetio primo inconveniente, assai banale, si verifica poco dopo le 12, The device, the “magnetic stroboscope” has started to work, but needs at least three hours of power to accumulate charges able to create the field optimal energy. The wait is really snervante and the hope is at the height. It consists of a ring of wood painted having seven holes in a heptagon shape in its inside perimeter.

While the natural soil would hold the nutrient substances even for years, the chemical ones would loose almost all of their nutrient substances, and the first strong rain would flush everything away. It is an extreme attempt to make the world a message that Ighina endeavoured in all modes of spread throughout the arc of his long life he was born in Milan on June 23receiving in return only misunderstanding and derision.

Operators argue that if the condition is not optimal “flying saucer” does not descend. If men do not change and do not adjust to the pace of vital nature instead of destroy it, says Ighina, they will succumb before the final action of purifying Messengers of Cosmic Harmony.

While doing experiments with the magnetic vibrator, he saw a flying saucer pass over his laboratory and land on a hill. In he was visited by some greatly renown Italian scientists who mainly said that it is not possible that a single working man with his own resources could achieve important scientific results without expensive machinery.


It took him 4 years of work to build this special microscope. If there was a flux something would deposit on the glass surface. In order to obtain a clear image, he had to find the relationship among the focus of the lenses and the speed of the rotating lenses. Through this research he discovered the links between methane, petrol and coal.

Pier Luigi Ighina

Every matter, if left for a certain amount of time in a particular location, leaves some magnetic traces in that place after its removal. While being busy experimenting, he noticed that if he moved a magnet close to the observed atoms they would all move quickly disappearing then in a luminous mass.

With the microscope he thus studied a natural environment in putrefaction, and saw that there were little micro organisms that magnetcio absorb substances from the rotting compounds.

The signal start from the sky in a clockwise motion; igghina that. Atom they started to excite it with strong magnetic fields and strong electric tensions, causing the alteration of the atom itself. The apparatus is constituted as follows: The ends of the coil are parallel and put in near two last holes on the wood ring.

Meanwhile in the house of Ighina, among visitors there is also a senior police officer. After a few minutes I saw another perhaps the same then ricomparso had travelled a trajectory to “them” without changing speed maggnetico color. The device is a passive resonator and it needs to build charge before bringing isotopes near it. But the canal was disturbed by the other non-magnetic atoms, so he resolved the problem creating five canals in the same direction forming some sort of a tube which was empty inside.

Dopo aver studiato a fondo il campo magnetico, generato da alcune elettrocalamite e dal quale non riusciva a concludere il suo progetto, Ighina, preso da uno strano nervosismo, mise tanta di quella corrente elettrica da determinare la bruciatura totale del congegno. This way he discovered that the magnetic atom is the one that gives motion to all the others.

The rest of the book reproduces some of the alerts, warnings, information that had Ighina print in the last forty years, as well as some articles of journalists who had interviewed.


Januaryage The device needs the Sun light to igjina better. Only then man break that screen negative which makes it blind and could harmonize with nature, understand the secrets and then dominate it responsibly. The sequence of emanated circles creates some kind of a protecting shield around the atom. He also transmitted electric energy through light atoms. He developed the idea of trying to stop the motion of the atom.

We will be the last to andarcene.

La scoperta dell’atomo magnetico – Pier Luigi Ighina – Google Books

Through various experiments he realized that this way he could change a matter into another. Tutti dicevano che Marconi era morto di Angina Pectoris Inside the saucer on both sides there were iron tubes wrapped with copper wires. Nella foto, scattata da P. By trying to project heat, cold, humidity, Alpha and Beta rays against the field, none of them passed through. He explains fever this way: For example, if a flower has a basic atomic pulsation ofand its external atoms get in touch with other atoms like those of light, heat, gas, etc.

With this technique he also transformed the tail of a rat into the tail of a cat. After long experimentation he was finally able to almost totally isolate them. We are in this book the truth of those revelations that he led on earth, which are mainly scientific while still covering all aspects of human life, which if they finally understood, will completely revolutionize today’s mentality allowing men to stop the mad rush that is leading towards the abyss.

This way the matter atoms always keep a little motion which can last for long periods without the necessity of the chemical reactions produced by alimentation. Dicono che il congegno in funzione non ce la fa a perforare. A quando, dunque, il prossimo esperimento? So he tuned his machine into the sane bone vibratory rate and applied it close to the injured area.

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