Basella alba, Basella rubra – Malabar Spinach. Polska wersja. PLANT PROFILE. Malabar Spinach is a tropical climbing vine probably native to. Synonyms: Basella alba var. rubra, Basella rubra. Common Names: Red Ceylon Spinach, Red-stemmed Malabar Spinach, Red Indian Spinach, Red Vine. Basella rubra. Malabar Spinach, Red Vine Spinach. 5 (5 of 5 based on 2 reviews) . When this plant was first listed a long time ago in , we.

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Pinch all the small white flowers off the plant to encourage leaf growth. Bazella Spinach is a warm season crop. Basella alba is an edible perennial vine in the family Basellaceae. Basella alba Plant List: Pharmacognosy and biochemical studies of Basella alba L.

Herbs from Distant Lands: Basella alba, Basella rubra – Malabar Spinach

Prominence, consumption and popularization of this plant which is rich in antioxidants and organics, is important not only because of its nutritious value but also because it can be a functional food for health protection. Fruits are small and can be either red or black.

These two species are differentiated by their leaf characteristics and stem colors [ 1 – 4 ]. Malabar spinach Scientific classification Kingdom: The stem of the Basella alba is green and the stem of the cultivar Basella alba ‘Rubra’ is reddish-purple; the leaves in both cases are green.

Although in a different family than spinach, the leaves taste like spinach and, unlike spinach, the plants thrive in hot summer weather.

In OdishaIndiait is used to make Curries and Saaga any type of dish made from green leafy vegetables is called Saaga in Odisha. Basella alba is known under various common namesincluding Malabar Spinachvine spinachred vine spinachclimbing spinachcreeping spinachbuffalo spinach and Ceylon spinach among others. It is rich in vitamins Bsella and C, iron and calcium.


Malabar Spinach, Basella rubra

Larger leaves and older stems will contain more of the high fibre mucilage, which is the same substance that gives okra its character and is especially useful as a thickener in soups, stews and curries. In the reference [ 21 ], Malabar spinach contains This review introduces the taxonomic specifications, botanical properties, ecological demands and information about cultivation, some pharmacognosy and some biochemical contents of Malabar spinach.

A private rate of fertilization is up to t. Also it used to make the snack item bachali koora bajji. Int J Pharm Sci Res 3: Am J Clin Nutr For longer preservation, the crop should be held in a cool [ 10 ].

The fruit stains all it touches with an assertive purple mark, so wear gloves when harvesting the berries.

Retrieved from ” https: In many parts of the world, Basella alba is usually referred to as the ‘spinach’ equivalent of a certain country, even though it is not related to the true spinach Spinacia oleracea. Int J Pharm Biol Sci 3: Functional foods affect health in a positive manner in terms of decreasing disease risks and aiming more than one body functions [ 14 – 16 ].

Repeated harvests of new growth stems can be made through the summer and autumn growing the season. Many studies have proven that Basella alba L. Garden Uses As a vegetable, bzsella leaves and stems as needed for use in soups, salads, stir-fry or as a pot herb nasella stews.

Almeida MR Flora of Maharashtra. Leaf stalk is short and leaf is oblong as the leaf length is longer than its width. It looks and tastes much like spinach but with a less bitter flavour due to its lower levels of oxalic acid Malabar Spinach tolerate high rainfall and, although it is technically a perennial it is not cold-hardy and is generally grown as an annual in temperate climates.


Late in the season, dark purple berries will appear in abundance. Original pictures belong to Basella rubra L.

This at least is fitting, since it is thought that Malabar Spinach rjbra originating from India or Indonesia. Fresh Malabar spinach of g contains 93 g water, 19 kcal energy, 1.

Harvest keeps on at orderly intervals for up to 6 months, while the leaves happen too small.

Basella alba – Wikipedia

Louis as 1 an annual leafy vegetable for cultivation of its edible spinach-like stems and leaves or 2 as an ornamental foliage vine. Using Malabar Spinach is just like using regular spinach.

J Appl Pharm Sci The abstract of this paper has been presented in the International Agricultural Science Congress, Retrieved August 31, This vine type of plant is It usually grown as an annual, but grows like a basella in regions that are frost free. Int J Biol Macromol The plants can also be used as an ornamental, eye-catching addition to the garden. Common names are Malabar rubrs in English, espinaca blanca de Malabar in Spanish, basella in French, spinacio della cina in Italian and indischer spinat in German [ 17 ].

Scientific J Microbio 1: Adam Arseniuk 12 maja

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