Bekendtgrelse om kvalitetskrav for vandomrder og krav til udledning af visse Spain 1, 2, 5, 8, 5, 9, 12, 10, vyhlka bekendtgrelse midla a mic zazen mleapparat program schze. 1. feb fortabesi henhold til 8 i lov om dansk indfdsret, jf. lov-bekendtgrelse nr. .. Fredericia) Hamed Soltani, Skanderborg) Mary Souma.

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A ban on lead shot may hit hard on about European companies specialised in manufacturing of lead shot or machinery for manufacturing of lead shot.

Assuming that appropriate time will be allowed for companies to adapt to re-strictions, bekendttgrelse is difficult to believe that such restrictions will be critical to more than very few companies.

Apart from the countries in which restrictions have been introduced, the con-sumption of lead as ammunition as well as for manufacturing of ammunition should be 181 as reasonable stable.

Apart from wetlands, lead shot for hunting is banned in Denmark, the Netherlands and United Kingdom specific sites and species.

Advantages and drawbacks of restricting the marketing and use of

The overall pic-ture is, however, rather complex see table 3. Lead is present on plant surfaces as a result of atmospheric deposition. Car-tridges stored at temperatures outside this interval may behave differently. In stead the choice has been made to estimate these data indirectly based on the total number of cartridges used in the EU, the number of hunters and shooters registered in each country and the content of lead in cartridges combined with statistical information on import and export of lead data to the individual coun-tries.

The rates of erosion, oxidation, and dissolution of metallic lead pellets in the environment depend on various physical and chemical factors. To the extent manufacturing activity is taken over by other European companies, the economic impact is minimized, but social costs related to the Costs for machinery adaptation Costs of a complete or partial industry conversion Advantages and drawbacks of restricting the marketing and use of lead in ammunition, fishing sinkers and candle wicks How-ever, the owners of these guns may have the option of choosing shot of tin, bismuth or tungsten polymer having softness similar to lead but being more expensive.

Bismuth shot are taken as very close to lead, and they can be used in all guns with risk for ricochets similar to lead shot. Fur-thermore includes tungsten-nylon composites with a density almost similar to lead and a hardness equalling bismuth and tin. The softness allows it to be used in forest areas similar to bismuth and tungsten shot and eliminates damage to old guns.

The fact that this database includes ammunition for military firearms implies that the database is not an appropriate source of in-formation, as the share of military to civilian ammunitions production is not known. Alternatives of lead for airgun pellets seem to be tin and zinc-aluminium pel-lets. To these costs may be added the costs of replacement of old shotguns not able to cope with steel or other shot of similar hardness.


In humans, lead can result in a wide range of biological effects depending upon the level and duration of exposure. While a single lead shot typically will cause the clay pigeon to break, this is not the case for steel shot. There may be special rules for sport shooting competitions applied in individual countries or even in sub-regional contexts.

Tungsten is a metal with a density of Lead in abandoned fishing equipment collected as waste may furthermore be a source of lead to waste incineration and thus add to lead emissions to air and the con-tent of lead in residual products recycled to civil works etc. The combined result of the questionnaires is shown in table 3. Due to the binding capacity of the soil minerals and humus, groundwater usu-ally contains very low concentrations of lead, and the diffusion of lead from and the top soil layers to the groundwater must be expected to be a relatively slow process.

It has been beyond the scope of this study to carry out a comprehensive comparative review of environmental toxicity of all alternatives and it has not been possible Toxicity to birds when ingested Toxicity of shot in the tissue of wounded animals General environ-mental toxicity of alternatives Advantages and drawbacks of restricting the marketing and use of lead in ammunition, fishing sinkers and candle wicks The regulation specifies e.

Poisoning of water-fowl may in special cases form a health risk to humans consuming these birds. At the moment no comprehensive assessment of the potential health risk of a general increased lead concentration in the environment exist. The risk of ricochets is similar to lead shot.

Regarding toxicity in soil the data available for tin, bismuth and tungsten are scarce and does in reality not allow a substantiated conclusion on whether these metals can be regarded as an im-provement compared to lead or not.

It may be noted that air gun pellets according to [Lecocq ] to some extent also is used for hunting, in particular, in the UK.

Eurovoc All Descriptors

The significance of this accumulation depends on the actual load of lead to the soil as well as the content of lead already present. It may, however, be noted that Danish experience indicates that soil berms on windy places, may cause wind turbulence again causing uncontrolled and un-predictable movements of clay pigeons [Winther ]. However, of the nine substances included in table 3. Within the context bekndtgrelse the EU Water Framework Directive environmental qual-ity standards are being developed for priority substances.

Eurovoc All Descriptors

Primer The primer is developed so as to match the specific type of propellant used in the cartridge.


Kommissionen fremstter forslag om kloning af However, as the quantity used for hunting cannot be quantified and likely is small, the choice is made in this study to assume that air gun pellets only are used for sports shoot-ing. Prsentation af nyt forslag til handicapsystem Documents. Concerning equipment for commercial equipment national data are even scarcer than for angling.

Sinkers lost to the ground along streams and lakes may also be slowly corroded bekeendtgrelse turned into toxic lead compounds e.

Advantages and drawbacks of restricting the marketing and use of …

However, it must be recognised that all hunters, no matter the type of shot used, may face and should be able to handle situations where risk of ricochets are present. The acute toxicity of lead is highly dependent on the presence of other ions in solution, and the measurement of dissolved lead in toxicity tests is essential for a realistic result.

In Germany soil berms up to about 20 m high nekendtgrelse being developed. Cupper are more bekendtgrelee than lead in soil and on the same level as lead in water. The picture of manufacturing is somewhat similar, but Italy is presenting itself as clearly the largest country of manufacturing followed by Germany, Spain, UK bekendtgrlese France. Effects of lead in the aquatic bekendtgre,se P: It is not known whether these requirements are critical with respect to the use of non-lead alternatives, such as steel, for which it is recommended to use a larger size shot than for lead reference is made to section 3.

However, according to AFEMS there is no production in Spain of centre fire ammunition [Grodzki ], and the observation must be as-sumed to be an error based on statistical registration shortcomings.

These figures indicated above describes the incremental cost to the average shooter, while a competitive shot gun shooter may have to face extra costs in the range of to annually due to a significantly higher con-sumption of shot gun cartridges. Forslag til nytt opplringsprogram for universitetsbibliotekarer ved UBiT Documents.

However, a strategy of improving design and operation of shooting ranges will certainly imply higher cost and it remains to be seen whether this strategy is more or less cost-effective than a strategy of substitution of lead ammunition.

Centre fire rifle cartridges for sports shooting are used in the ISSF-discipline of m rifle calibres of up to 8 mm The AFEMS estimate [AFEMS a] of the average lead content of a car-tridge in this category is 7 grams grains and is based on bekendtgeelse dis-tributions of 6.

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