Procedure: Suspend the rectangular block or (bifilar pendulum) from plane (a b) by . The experiment is repeated for various loads and the corresponding time. Skills Sessions The Bifilar Pendulum The Bifilar Pendulum Preparatory Task: Read the entire script; familiarise yourself with the objectives of this experiment and. View EXPERIMENT 7 from PHY at University of Zambia. EXPERIMENT 7 DETERMINATION OF MOMENT OF INERTIA USING THE BIFILAR SUSPENSION.

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Period of a pendulum. Then answer the following question in your lab book: You must take enough readings to reach a definite conclusion about the values of the unknown powers, which you can assume to be simple fractions. In addition, the moment of inertia can be further determined by graphical representation from data collated in the experiment. In Task 3 you showed that the period of oscillation should be independent of the mass of the bar.

The internal diameters of the holes, the thickness of the rectangular were also measured. The radius of gyration and moment of inertia reduced after the length of wire was increased from test 1 to test 2 but increased right after till test 4. It can be difficult to find out specifically about bifilar pendulums, but there is information available on the worldwide web. However, one can say something about this dependence from dimensional analysis.

Therefore, Moment of inertia of the bar, I is. Add a trend line and stick the graph in your lab book. Additional table 4 extrapolated from table 2. Dimensional analysis is a technique used both to check bifilag validity of equations and to find relationship between physical quantities.

Chucks are also in place to alter length of suspended wires. Nonetheless, a description of its angular motion is enumerated below. However, Introduction of the two equal masses into the bifilar suspension system can gives rise to a modification of its mechanism and the equation of the angular motion.


The Bifilar Pendulum

Once again, remember to show the errors bars on your graph. Value from test 2 in table 2. Although we have now found all the exponents, we cannot yet accurately describe the period of the pendulum since we still do not know the dimensionless constant Experimeht. How many swings will you suspendion in order to obtain the period?

Do your measurements support your deduction that the period of oscillation is independent of mass?

For each set of parameters x, z, l, m you should take a minimum of four measurements of the period and calculate the mean, the standard deviation and the standard error. The equation of the angular motion is: In addition an enclosed-type measuring tape and weight balance were also used for the experiment. From this, the periodic time was also calculated. Mass of the bar suspenxion.

Read the entire script; familiarise yourself with the objectives of this experiment and the skills required; and write a brief plan in your lab book of what you will be doing, task by task.

The bifilar suspension is a technique used to determine the moment of inertia of any type of object about any point on the object.

In this situation the length of the wires are kept constant and the distances between the two equal masses are varied. Density of the bar steel bar. Below is a tabular representation of the final value of the moment of inertia determined from the analytical approach, the graphical approach and a selected value of the moment of inertia from test 2 in table 2. All these and lots more provide the avenue for determining the radius of gyration and the moment of inertia.

The experiment is done such that the oscillation was not dampened by carefully tilting the bar before release for oscillations. You now should check this experimentally. The bar was then tilted through a very small angle about the vertical axis and time taken for 20 oscillations of the bar, was recorded. Newer Post Older Post Home. Skills Sessions The Bifilar Pendulum 4. Of course, the mass of the bar will vary, but we know that this should not affect the period of oscillation.


The bar must be suspended symmetrically in a horizontal position by two threads of equal length. The moment of inertia determined using the analytical approach was approximately equal to experimeent value determined from test 2 in table 2 above. Derived units can look rather complicated when expressed in terms of the base units; for convenience, they are often given special names and symbols.

Data at various x and at a fixed L i. The length L was further adjusted and the time taken for another 20 oscillations was recorded. For a solid object with a rectangular cross-section, the same general approach gave rise to determination of the moment of inertia about its centre bifipar mass G and this is expressed as.

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Radius of each added mass. This topic, and many others related to pendulums can be found in most undergraduate text bigilar. The moment of inertia determined from the graph representation was greater than the value gotten from the analytical approach indicating that the two masses added during the experiment had a part to play in the increment of the moment of inertia and also unavoidable human errors experimwnt a variation in their values.

Mass of each added mass. Equation 4 aforementioned above can be modified to:

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