A Social Distance Scale. Emory S. Bogardus University of Southern California. IN MAKING the social distance scale in its present form,[1] the writer prepared a. Since , the Bogardus Social Distance Scale has been a staple in social science research. This scale, which is often used to study. Bogardus social distance scale A scaling technique for measuring social distance, pioneered by Emory S. Bogardus in the s, usually applied to the study of.

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The Bogardus social distance scale is a psychological testing scale created by Emory S. Full text PDF Send by e-mail. Bogardus social distance scale topic The Bogardus social distance scale is a psychological testing scale created by Emory S. This idea is extremely important with regard to tourism, we need to know if the host communities are going to support different visitor markets and be comfortable with increased numbers of culturally dissimilar visitors.

Rating site topic A rating site less commonly, a rate-me site is a website sofial for users to vote on or rate people, content, or other things.

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Diamond of opposites topic Diamond of opposites The diamond of opposites is a type of two-dimensional plot used in psychodrama groups.

We would not have a complete picture unless I bring into consideration xistance representative examples of social distance research conducted in the s. Member feedback about Social distance: Scholars are permitted to reproduce this material for personal use. The more you “stop.

Bogardus social distance scale | Revolvy

But I would like to suggest briefly here that the geometric-metaphoric split in the self that Simmel conceived of has not been sufficiently appreciated.

Bogardus 6 “Would willingly admit members of each race The rate of tourist growth in Kaikoura is also on the increase, but this increase has slowed down over the past few years.

The idea behind these studies underlie models of internationalisation common in business literature; companies involved in internationalisation first export to culturally similar countries and gradually move on to more dissimilar cultures. Each judge of course worked sca,e of the others.


A perfect Guttman scale consists of a unidimensional set of items that are ranked in order of difficulty from least difficult to most difficult. Member access Login Password Log in Cancel. Table 2 shows the items that were the most frequently placed sodial in each pile as shown by the modes. This site uses cookies.

List of illustrations URL http: You are asked to give in fistance instance your first feeling reactions. Quotations at However, in the past two decades it has been recognised that tourism can and does negatively impact upon the lives of the host community. Apartheid laws force bpgardus members of a nation-state to observe the social taboos on which those laws were originally based.

The Bogardus social distance scale is a cumulative scale a Guttman scalebecause agreement with any item implies agreement with all preceding items.

Bogarrus, Manuel The City and the Grassroots: Bogardus to empirically measure people’s willingness to participate in social contacts of varying degrees of closeness with members of diverse social groups, such as racial and ethnic groups. The Perspective of Experience Minneapolis: The response key represents the underlying theoretical continuum.

This view is quite idealistic and has been disputed by numerous authors. The first was entitled ” Travelling Asians a boost for tourism ” ; respondents were asked sofial give examples where New Zealanders could possibly prefer not to have the travelling Asians.

sociap For example, a scaling technique might involve estimating individuals’ levels of extraversion, or the perceived quality of products. Following advances in “sociometry,” Bogardus tried in this revision to establish “equal” steps between the levels of social distance, though processing some sixty social-distance statements.

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Prejudice and Bogardus Social Distance Scale

It is also well for the leader to take a test and as he reads the names in the left hand column on each page, to go through the exercise himself, reading the names of each race, occupation, religion aloud. Chicago; University of Chicago Press. The phrase introduces part of the concept. He also developed a sociological principle known as the Bogardus Social Distance Scale. And finally they were given an article that discussed the construction of Asian tyle toilets in a small town in New Zealand that is a common stop point for tourists.


With travel times decreasing, the world is becoming increasingly accessible to most of its population. Sixty-eight contact situations were extracted from the focus groups and these were individually listed, typed and computer randomised.

Examples of contact situations were extracted from focus groups undertaken in New Zealand.

Instructors are permitted to reproduce this material for educational use by their students. University of California Press. Anti-miscegenation laws, in fact, were not invalidated by the U. Member feedback about Death of Osama bin Laden: I residential, II position extent to which the subject would be willing to have attitude-object occupy positions of power and prestigeIII interpersonal distance preferred in acquaintance, friendship, etc.

The main objectives of the focus groups were to get an understanding of how residents respond to foreign visitors and to gather some contact situations in order to construct social distance scales to be used to research the acceptance and tolerance of tourists in a community and nationally.

Notify me of new comments via email. Most of the geometric distances in the Bogardus Scale were not in fact matters of choice. One area of human interaction where cross-cultural contact is prevalent is tourism and it may be argued that this interaction is often an essential part of the tourism product. A rating site less commonly, a rate-me site is a website designed for users to vote on or rate people, content, or other things. References Electronic reference Philip J.

A celebration in his honor brought messages of respect from around the world, but these were decidedly reserved. The focus groups began with respondents being asked to comment on the positive and negative impacts of tourism B both in their particular community and nationally.

The judge was urged to view the social distance situation de-scribed on each slip as objectively as possible.

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