Caverns of Thracia () – The Original Classic Adventure by Paul Jaquays, with new maps and editing by Bob Bledsaw III. Designed for. Caverns Of Thracia – A Lost Civilization Beneath the lost ruins of Thracia are the vast caverns of a once great civilization. While a death c. Item Code: WW Title: Caverns of Thracia. Type: Scenario. System: d20 Dungeons & Dragons. Author(s): James Collura, Paul Jaquays, Scott Greene.

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It is left up to the DM whether they would like to leave the players thravia in the dark, or give hints as to what awaits them.

The Lost City of Thracia on the surface is rather small, spanning only five pages. I mean, they must have noticed the lethality when they were first playing, right?

The Caverns of Thracia – Wikipedia

This is a style of dungeon design that we just don’t see anymore and that’s a pity, because I think gamers are missing out on the unique pleasures of exploration that can only come when the dungeon environment itself is as much of a challenge as the monsters, tricks, and traps contained within it.

Sunday, April 05,4: Its all about whether you can thraciw player mapping rewarding or not. In my Ptolus campaign, Cavernss just draw out every single inch of the dungeon crawl on my very large Thracka battlemap. Re-rolling all hit dice. Those creatures revolted, causing the humans to flee or be killed, then they occupied the lower levels themselves.


Monday, March 30, Delta January 1, at Views Read Edit View history.

Topologically equivalent to a loop, just with a couple of jogs in it. Foster December 31, at thrscia I’d be very curious to see this thesis tested. He was defined through his actions during the game and his tale grew in the telling. Although it is virtually never used in my campaigns for hauling stuff around, its usefulness as a transport across dangerous terrain for low-level characters has been useful on countless occasions. Tuesday, February 24, Monday, March 30,1: And instead of a simple loop, there were a couple of extra turns in there.

That was the beginning of the end for player thrzcia.

But even settling on conventions for seemingly simple things can be challenging. Sunday, February 22,1: Otherwise, your constant 4e knocks during many posts seem surprisingly heavy-handed compared to most of your writing.

Guest Review: Caverns of Thracia

Just ignore the stats and revel in its glory. Do you have a preferred way to fix this? At that point the player would have the choice between being careful and withdrawing, or pushing his luck and fighting on. The maps are amazing and they contribute heavily to what makes this module the masterpiece that it is.

The Caverns of Thracia by Paul Jaquays is a good example of why Judges Guild is remembered so fondly by so many of us who started gaming in the 70s.


Given the rigorous mathematical architecture of 4e, I should hope that DMs and designers will learn to make exploration and general “high weirdness,” as I call it, the high-profile parts of adventure design.

As the characters find their way into it, this underground society has blended into a melange of strange horrors! Can this entire section of the rulebook be rewritten? Tuesday, February 24,2: Rich January 5, at 4: Either use the tiny ones or tear the large Post-Its in thinner strips. After hundreds of years, though, the god would be worshiped again.

Notably the method of ability score generation. The Massacre of Fire.

Monday, March 30,8: He is currently resting up before a huge convention adventure soon to come! Much as I love X2, you’re correct that it’s a forerunner of the Hickman Revolution. I had completely forgotten this until your comment jogged my memory, but I had the same interpretation of the BECMI rules for a few weeks.

Wednesday, December 31, Retrospective: It mentions that some unique monsters are to be found within all the better to surprise players who think they know everything! I never owned any of the Master series modules.

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