– Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read online. Electronic theory, schematic circuits and PIC tutorials. Like other multiplexing techniques (eg matrix), charlieplexing is used to control more loads The two LEDs are connected anti-parallel, the anode of the red LED (left) is. The term “Charileplexing” is not a familiar one for many electronics hobbyists. Charlieplexing is a technique proposed in early by Charlie Allen (at.

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This circuit will operate normally, and all LEDs will have the same brightness.

Charlieplexing 8 LEDs – trouble generalizing routine

But in charlieplexing, ghosting cannot be solved. Charlieplexing with LED dot matrix modules. However, when I pushed a half of S1, it lights both red and green. As for the buttons, [David] charlieplexed them as well. So, the general rule is that, only 2 ports can be simultaneously outputs and all others are in High Impedance state by defining them as inputs.

But in what state must Port 2 be? Charlieplex matrices are significantly more complicated, both in the required PCB layout and microcontroller programming, than using prebuilt multiplex matrices.

If for example you want to protect the LEDs with Ohms resistor, then you must use ohms resistors, and that is because, to light each LED, the current goes every time through 2 resistors, and not one. I have not test the bi-polar LEDs.

  EN 12457-2 PDF

A closed switch reads low on the input, and an open switch reads high. Suppose charlielexing each resistor is ohms and the voltage supplied by the microcontroller is 5 volts. In matrices, the ghosting can be solved by adding diodes to the buttons to prevent back current flow.

The Charlieplexing

Soldering components charliepleixng also be more time-consuming than for multiplexed LED arrays. Also, for the bi-polar LEDs, a logic gate-based test 74HC00 proved that it is cnarlieplexing to make both chips of a bi-polar LED to turn on, do you know why? You are also wrong that only one LED at a time can be displayed per display phase and wrong about where the resistors should be. So, with the same principle as before, a microcontroller can control individually 6 LEDs with only 3 ports.

Same as the classic matrixthe Charlieplexing technique can be used to interface buttons to a microcontroller. For a study in minimalism, there sure is a lot going on here with all the different tones and animations.

I suppose you can go to higher frequencies, maybe higher than Hz. I confused them with bi-color.

At 8 April5: It sounds one tone for each LED when the ball is in play, and a charliepleixng tone to confirm button presses. It is able to power 2 leds, why shouldn’t it? So, choose a frequency above 24Hz – remember that 24 frames per second is an acceptable movie frame rate.



There is though one solution for this theor. Retrieved 7 June I tested it and it works like a charm, right down to lighting more than one LED at once if it’s enabled. Charlieplexing can also be used to multiplex digital input signals into a microcontroller. In the diode circuit, this is not an issue, and there is always a one-to-one correspondence between button presses and input data. At 14 February Thory way, more current will flow within each LED and thus it will be brighter.

The method uses the chaelieplexing logic capabilities of microcontrollers in order to gain efficiency over traditional multiplexing. I’ve been looking for a good tutorial on Charlieplexing for a while and this one explains a lot.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If the number of LEDs is known, then the previous equation can be worked backwards to determine the number of pins required.


This emphasizes the similarities between ordinary grid multiplex and Charlieplex, and demonstrates the pattern that leads to “the n -squared minus n ” rule.

Each resistor must have HALF the value of the required value. The answer is again simple.

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