LIVROS EM PDF:Obras escogidas De Moto Pela América do Sul Diario del Che en Bolivia Guerra contra el Burocratismo La Guerra de Guerrillas Notas Inéditas . The Life and Death of Che Guevara Jorge G. Castañeda Ernesto Che Guevara , “Contra el burocratismo,” in Guevara, Obra revolucionaria, p. Emesto.

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We, for our part, maintain the only position we have ever taken in the matter: What we give here is the general trend. There is also talk of so-called incompatibilities between state monopoly of foreign trade and the forms of trading adopted by the capitalist countries; and on that pretext discriminatory relations, quotas, etc.

These are subjects which we must deal with at length later on. They regarded that regime as temporary.

When the guerrilla band has reached a respectable power in arms and in number of combatants, it ought to proceed to the formation of new columns. All this indicates that the guerrilla fighter will carry out his action in wild places of small population.

Willi held his fire, either because he could not shoot with one hand or because prudence indicated that as the wisest course. A Spanish edition is already in print in parts of Latin America. GATT, for its part, by establishing equal treatment and reciprocal concessions between developed and underdeveloped countries, helps to maintain the status quo and serves the interests of the former group of countries, and its machinery fails to provide the necessary means for the elimination of agricultural protectionism, subsidies, tariffs, and other obstacles to the expansion of exports from the dependent countries.

They will try everything in an endeavor to keep in force the old international bodies which serve their ends so well, and will offer reforms lacking in depth. The application of economic measures, or the incitement to apply economic measures, used by a state to infringe the sovereign freedom of another state and to obtain from it advantages of any nature whatsoever, or to bring about the collapse of its economy, must be condemned.

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El Marxists Internet Archive. We must make our own strategy adequate on the basis of these studies, keeping in mind always the final objective geuvara defeating the enemy army. This situation may involve real dangers to world peace in time to come, but now, today, it is exceedingly dangerous to the smooth progress of this very conference. Will the developed capitalist countries have the political acumen to accede to minimum demands?


These phenomena, which we have analyzed in relation to Latin America, but which are valid for the whole of the dependent world, have the effect of enabling the developed powers to maintain trade conditions that lead to a deterioration in the terms of trade between the dependent countries and the developed countries.

Ernesto Che Guevara – Σελίδα 5 – Ελληνικό Αρχείο Τσε Γκεβάρα © Guevaristas

All these features have given our country a prominent place in the news throughout the world, in spite of its small size, its limited economic importance, and its meager population. The International Monetary Fund, which is supposed to watch over the stability of exchange rates and the liberalization of international payments, merely denies the underdeveloped countries even the slightest means of defense against the competition of invading foreign monopolies.

When the forces of oppression come to maintain themselves in power against established law, peace is considered already broken. They will try to show that the existing international division of labor is beneficial to all, and will refer to industrialization as a dangerous and excessive ambition. It is a special kind of Jesuitism, naturally prompted by circumstances, which necessitates acting at certain moments in ways different from the romantic and sporting conceptions with which we are taught to believe war is fought.

As the sun rose, [guerrillas] Benigno and Pacho realized that there were already dozens of soldiers on the high ground above them. Nevertheless, we cannot say with complete accuracy that this is the forum of the peoples of the world. Popular forces can win a war against the army.

Let us first consider the question: They say that the gufvara in the terms of trade is an objective fact and the underlying cause of most of their problems and is attributable to the fall in the prices of the raw materials which they export and the rise in the prices of manufactures which they import — I refer here to world buevara prices. Where a government has come into power through some form of popular vote, fraudulent or not, and maintains at least an appearance of constitutional legality, the guerrilla outbreak cannot be promoted, since the possibilities of peaceful struggle have not yet been exhausted.


Of these three propositions the first two contradict the defeatist attitude of revolutionaries or pseudo-revolutionaries who remain inactive and take refuge in the pretext that against a professional army nothing can be done, who sit down to wait until in some mechanical way all necessary objective and subjective conditions are given without working to accelerate them.

The conference will have to recommend specific methods of regulating the use of primary commodity surpluses so as to prevent their conversion into a form of subsidy for the exports of developed countries to the detriment of the traditional exports of the underdeveloped countries, or their use as an instrument for the injection of foreign capital into an under-developed country. He may have concluded that the Bolivian government would prefer to try him and brandish his capture as a symbol of victory against foreign aggression, rather than execute him.

Κατηγορία: Ernesto Che Guevara

They will seek a way to lead the conference into a blind alley, so that it will be suspended or adjourned; they will try to rob it of importance by comparison with other meetings convened by themselves, or to see that it ends without achieving any tangible results. Our country also supports the measures formulated at the meeting ek experts at Brasilia, which would give coherence to the principles we advocate, and which we shall go on to expound.

Guevara had also bkrocratismo his combat instructions, though he was not absolutely certain that the army had discovered the presence of his group. Therefore, along with centers for study of present and future zones of operations, intensive popular work must be undertaken to explain the motives of the revolution, its ends, and to spread the incontrovertible truth that victory of the enemy against the people is finally impossible.

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