Philippics, 1. Cicero translated by C. D. Yonge. «About This Work | Cic. Phil. 1 | Cic. Phil. 2 | About This Work». 1I. Before, O conscript fathers, I say those things. Cicero (Marcus Tullius, –43 BCE), Roman advocate, orator, politician, poet, and philosopher, about whom we know more than we do of any other Roman. Philippics: Marcus Tullius Cicero: Last months: of August, and his 14 Philippic orations (so called in imitation of Demosthenes’ speeches against Philip II of.

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What do you think that those men think of your lives, to whom the lives of those men who they hope phiilippics consult the welfare of the republic are so dear? No one is happy who lives on such terms that he may be put to death not merely with impunity, but even to the great glory of his slayer. I am afraid, O conscript fathers, lest I should appear to you to have brought up a sham accuser against myself which is a most disgraceful thing to do ; a man not only to distinguish me by the praises which are my due, but to load me also with those which do not belong to me.

Therefore, while the rest cicwro the men of consular rank were going backwards and forwards to you, I adhered to my opinion, nor did I see you at all that day, or the next; nor did I think it phliippics for an alliance between virtuous citizens and a most unprincipled enemy to be made, so as to last, by any civero or engagement whatever. You confessed that phllippics stepfather had been implicated in that enormous wickedness, yet you complained that he had had punishment inflicted on him.

Among them no mention was made of his uncle. Grant that you could have slain him, is not this, Cicerl conscript fathers, such a kindness as is done by banditti, who are contented with philipics able to boast that they have granted their lives to all those men whose lives they have not taken? If you ask my opinion, I wish he had not been there. And even now you keep looking at me; and, as it seems, with great anger. The income of the men, says he, was exactly defined.

But mark now the trifling character of the fellow. Of all the profligate conduct of all the world, I never saw, I never heard of any more shameful than yours. Or did he wish to contend with me in a rivalry of eloquence?

Did you not also desert him in the matter of the septemvirate? Retrieved from ” https: But let us say no more of your profligacy and debauchery.



Either, O Antonius, that cause ought never to have been undertaken, or when you had undertaken it, it should have been maintained to the end. Although, if you had persisted in it, I should have preferred allowing the action to be set down entirely to your own love of glory rather than to my influence. Why do not they who are in similar misfortune enjoy a similar degree of your mercy?

For when enormous evil was insinuating itself into the republic, and was gaining more strength day by day; and when the same men were erecting a tomb in the forum, who had performed that irregular funeral; and when abandoned men, with slaves like themselves, were every day threatening with more and more vehemence all the houses and temples of the city; so severe was the rigour of Dolabella, not only towards the audacious and wicked slaves, but also towards the profligate and unprincipled freemen, and so prompt was his overthrow of that accursed pillar, that it seems marvellous to me that the subsequent time has been so different from that one day.

But however you treat us, as long as you adopt those counsels, it is impossible for you, believe me, to last long. It was a great kindness! For what is the difference between a man who has advised an action, and one who has approved of it? And not long afterwards the edict of Brutus and Cassius is brought to me; which perhaps because I love those men, even more for the sake of the republic than of my own friendship for them appeared to me, indeed, to be full of equity.

It was approved of by the senate, in a very full house, so completely, that there was no one who did not thank me as if I had been his parent, who did not attribute to me the salvation of his life, of his fortunes, of his children, and of the republic. On what day was the senate ever more joyful than on that day?

Although, indeed, as your most intimate friends usually say, you are in the habit of declaiming, not for the purpose of whetting Edition: Oh the abominable profligacy of the man! Where are the seven hundred millions of sesterces which were entered in the account-books which are in the temple of Ops?

Certainly, not only in the case of a centurion, but in the case, too, of a Roman knight. But as for Milo, it was not possible cicer for me to favour his action.

Philippicae – Wikipedia

That I have never at any time been wanting to the claims that either the republic or my friends had upon me; but nevertheless that in all the different sorts of composition on which I have employed myself, during my leisure hours, I have always endeavoured to make my labours and my writings such as to be some advantage to our youth, and some credit to the Roman name.


Is it for this that the Roman people made us consuls, that, being placed on the loftiest and most Edition: It was approved of by Quintus Catulus, whose authority will always carry weight in this republic; it was approved of by the two Luculli, by Marcus Crassus, by Quintus Hortensius, by Caius Curio, by Caius Piso, by Marcus Glabrio, by Marcus Lepidus, by Lucius Volcatius, by Caius Figulus, by Decimus Silanus and Lucius Murena, who at that time were the consuls elect; the same consulship also which was approved of by those men of consular rank, was approved of by Marcus Cato; who escaped many evils by departing from this life, and especially the evil of seeing you consul.

On the next day, on the day after that, on the third day, and on all the following days, you went on without intermission, giving every day, as it were, some fresh present to the republic; but the greatest of all presents was that, when you abolished the name of the dictatorship. That there should be so vast a catalogue, that there should be such a numerous and various list of possessions, of all of which, with the exception of a portion of Misenum, there was nothing which the man who was putting them up to sale could call his own.

You mount the steps; you approach his chair; if you were a priest of Pan, you ought to have recollected that you were consul too; you display a diadem. It is Antonius who slew them. And when that action was announced to you, you—as is agreed upon by all who were with you at the time—fainted away.

But he, in the hearing of you all, declared that he would come with masons to my house; this was said with too much passion and very intemperately. I wish to hear, that I may see the fruit of those high wages of that rhetorician, of that land given in Leontini.

For my inclination cicerk to arrive Edition: For the ordinary marks of respect were unsuited to the most profligate of men. Of about speeches, 58 survive a few incompletely29 of which are addressed to the Roman people or Senate, the rest to jurors. The consuls elect said, that they did not dare to come into the senate.

Antony requested that the hands that wrote the Philippics also be removed.

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