PDF | Cissampelos pareira which is commonly known as velvetleaf belongs to the family Menispermaceae. Numbers of species are available all over the world . Cissampelos pareira f. emarginato-mucronata Chod. & Hassl. Synonym. Cissampelos pareira f. reniformis Chodat & Hassl. Synonym. Cissampelos pareira var. We show that an alcoholic extract prepared from Cissampelos pareira Linn inhibited the replication of dengue viruses in living cells in culture.

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The multi-coloured sphere represents DENV and the Eppendorf tube with green liquid represents the herbal extract. Further studies in this work focused on Cissampelos pareira Linn, henceforth designated as Cipa for convenience.

Symptomatic dengue illness can range from mild dengue fever DF to severe and potentially fatal dengue haemorrhagic fever DHF and dengue shock syndrome DSS [ 4 ]. Please enter your Email ID. The type-2 assay was designed to assess the capacity of the herbal extracts to inhibit DENVs within the cell. Determination of cytotoxicity of Cipa extract Cytotoxicity was evaluated in two cell lines, LLCMK 2 in which the antiviral activity of the extracts were assayed and HepG2, a commonly used liver cell surrogate cissampelow in vitro cytotoxicity testing.

Effect of Cissampelos Pareira Leaves on Anxiety-like Behavior in Experimental Animals.

The kinetics of virus inhibition by Cipa extract was analysed in a type-3 assay. In conclusion, Ayurveda knowledge-based selection of medicinal plants in conjunction with a bioassay-guided screening protocol has resulted in the identification of Cipa extract which manifests potent antiviral activity against all four prevalent DENV cisssampelos.

Presl Cissampelos hederacea Miers Cissampelos hernandifolia Wall. Or, Login with your user account:. Importantly, Cipa extract manifested statistically significant protective efficacy in the AG mouse model [ 2127 ], which has emerged recently as the only promising small animal model for in vivo DENV inhibitor testing [ 28 ].


These herbs are used for menstrual problems, hormonal imbalance, ease childbirth, postpartum pain, prevent threatened miscarriage, and control uterine hemorrhages, hormonal pzreira and premenstrual syndrome. Data Availability All relevant data are within the paper and its Supporting Information files.

The blood samples, withdrawn from the Wistar rats given Cipa extract, described abovewere also analysed for erythrocyte cell counts. Next, we tested Cipa extract for its efficacy in vivo. Mean body weight and food intake of Wistar rats treated with Cipa extract.

Flora of Fergusson College campus, Pune, India: While the inhibition resulting from exposure to a low dose of Cipa extract was manifested after day 4 post-infection, inhibition at higher doses was evident earlier and at cisxampelos higher magnitudes Fig 2A. During this period, food intake, cussampelos weight, and clinical signs were monitored daily.

Further, Cipa extract did not have any discernible effect cissampeloe platelet counts or on erythrocyte viability.

Nineteen plants described in Ayurvedic literature as being beneficial in the treatment of illnesses with dengue-like symptoms were shortlisted for bioassay guided screening Table 1.

Cissampelos pareira in Flora of Pakistan @

Dengue vaccine efficacy trial: The plant is very common in hedges at the foothills and up to c. S3 Fig Total and differential leukocyte counts in Cipa -treated Wistar rat blood. These data suggest that Cipa extract possesses anti-inflammatory activity in addition to the antipyretic activity documented in the experiment above.

Aliquots of the culture supernatant were withdrawn at periodic intervals up to 9 days for estimation of NS1 antigen levels using a commercial ELISA kit and virus titres by plaque assay, as described above. Tropical Plants Database, Ken Fern.


Cissampelos pareira

TIF Click here for additional data file. Aliquots were drawn at the indicated times for determination of platelet counts. Effect of pre-incubation time on antiviral activity of Cipa extract. A sham control group that was not virus-infected, but which received the higher pareita of Cipa extract orally solid green squareswas tested in parallel.

Cissampelos pareira L. | Species | India Biodiversity Portal

Plants shortlisted on this basis from the vast indigenous herbal bio-resource available in India were screened for anti-DENV activity. The stem yields a strong fibre.

Further, it would be desirable to be able to inhibit the viruses both before as well as after entry into susceptible cissqmpelos. One, the Cipa extract could facilitate the drug discovery process.

Flowers are small in size, pedicels filiform. This essentially corroborates an earlier report that the Cipa extract is essentially non-toxic and well tolerated in the animal model [ 29 ]. From the perspective of evaluating the availability of starting material, it was considered necessary to ascertain the extent of seasonal and geographical variations in the capacity of the Cipa extract to manifest DENV inhibitory activity. Ayurveda and gynecological disorders.

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Despite numerous hurdles, persistent cisdampelos over the years have resulted in the development of several live attenuated dengue vaccine candidates [ 9 ], one of which has undergone phase III clinical testing [ 10 — 12 ] and is expected to be licensed in the near future.

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