A guide to the latest CMDA Regulation for Residential Buildings – Flats, Apartment So if you are planning to build an apartment complex, adhering to the rules .. No, H&UD dept, dated and published in TNGG on December who recommended the Draft Outline Development Plan with .. GUIDELINES FOR ABANDONMENT OF BORE WELLS AND. For the Chennai Metropolitan Area, the DR has been framed by the CMDA. FSI , is one of the methods under the Rules/Regulations by which the Plan.

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The approval was granted subject to obtaining a no objection certificate from the Traffic Police. After the expiry of the time of one month stipulated in the letter dated 6. Internal Vehicular Access way including passage if any within the regjlations shall have a clear width of 7.

There are some exemptions, however, that are detailed in the Regulations that are not taken into account while calculating the FSI. Subramanian, learned counsel for the petitioner, Mr. It is the further submission of the learned Advocate General that earlier DC advice dated Regulations 21 to 25 read with Annexures 19, 23, 22 and 9 deal with rain water harvesting provision, solar energy capture provision, regulations for physically disabled, etc.

So if you are planning to build an apartment complex, adhering to the rules mentioned below, you are more likely to get your building plan approved easily and quickly. The second respondent, on receipt of application for planning permission, issued a demand notice dated Under Rule 3 ball the developments are regulated with reference to the land use classifications indicated in the Table given under Rule 3 b. Set back space 3. Provided further that multi-storeyed building may be permitted with limitations on maximum FSI and maximum height of the building on a site abutting or gaining access from a public road of min.


CMDA Building Regulation for Residential Buildings

Regulation 8 stipulates that the proposed right of way for all major roads together with set back lines for them shall be in accordance with the details specified in Annexure IV. Regulation 27 deals with group developments. For the sake of 202, the array of parties as adopted in the writ petitions is adopted in these writ appeals also:. In the counter affidavit filed by the second respondent Traffic Commissionerit is claimed that by a letter bearing No.

The writ petitioner submitted an application dated The project was to put up construction of multi-storeyed buildings. Therefore, the writ petition is allowed and the impugned order is set aside.

The reason stated in the impugned order is that the vehicle flow at E.

Office Orders –

Consequently, connected miscellaneous petitions are closed. The note under Rule 17 stipulates that when a building abuts on more than one road, the maximum permissible height of such buildings shall be computed with reference to the wider road provided that the maximum cmea of plot which such height is permissible, shall be limited to 25 metres from the building line of the wider road.

Section 17 1 of the Act obliges the Local Planning Authority, after the declaration of a local planning area under Section 10 and after the constitution of the appropriate planning authority under Section 11, to prepare and submit to the Government, a plan known as Master Plan. The learned Senior Counsel, in support of his submissions, placed reliance upon the following decisions:.


The extent of the site, plot coverage, FSI, set back etc. Abutting Road width etc. The extent to which premium FSI can be allowed depends upon the road width and it is indicated in the table under Regulation This is so because, higher FSI could be achieved in a property having wider Abutting Road Width, which in turn means more income by way of increased Floor Area that can be constructed and sold. Under this Regulation, premium FSI shall be allowed in specific areas as may be notified subject to guidelines and on collection of charge at the rates prescribed by the Authority with the approval of the Government.

The CMDA does not quote any such provision in paragraph 11 of the counter. Can be provided when their length do not exceed 60 metres. The second respondent also gave a no objection certificate on If the second respondent has had any objection to the grant of approval, the same could have been put forth in the meeting of the Panel.

The following article is written earlier, based on the existing Development Rules. Exemptions from FSI Norms.

It is immaterial whether the site is vacant or the building is in progress as per the approved plan, since the renewal is treated as an extension of Planning Permission issued. Provided that if the extent of the site is more than sq.

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