Note: OpenStax College electronic edition. Link: multiple formats at Stable link here: ? key. College Physics has 15 ratings and 1 review. In the new Second Edition of College Physics, Peter Urone succeeds in carrying out several goals: to convey.. . College Physics. (34 reviews). Multiple Authors, Openstax College. Pub Date: ISBN Publisher: OpenStax. Language: English.

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I do believe this book presents Physics in a logical, clear fashion which is crucial for a thorough understanding of a science. For example, in Chapter 2 essentially the first chapter that involves problem solving, after the introductory chapter 1it is several pages before the reader is finally presented with a summary of the four main equations ;hysics one-dimensional kinematics.

I am interested in utilizing web-based homework systems. The book has no surprises in the material it covers, what is a bonus is the how the introduce the “real world” situations along with the standard theories all textbokks have.

The urnoe incorporated “real world” parameters that aren’t usually covered in the “corporate” textbooks.

College Physics by Paul Peter Urone

Introductory physics students need to learn to solve problems, and the copious historical background provided may be interesting to many students but can also distract from the main point. I have talked with students about this and they claim that the issues do not affect the ability of the images and diagrams coplege convey the intended physiics and the students would definitely accept some pixelation in exchange for the hundreds of dollars in savings over a standard textbook.


The text gives a solid, traditional approach to the major topics needed for this course. All physical concepts in the textbook are correct and explained very well.

Suggest that they be applied with common sense. The chapters in the text are organized in a consistent fashion throughout the book.

This should probably be discussed in the text before one could expect a student to do the problem. The text does flow well and is easily organized.

Mastering Physics is a much more comprehensive online homework system than Web Assign; it has tutorials, conceptual questions, and a test bank. Unfortunately, this has not yet been implemented for the new online version of the book at the time of this review. The text is essentially modular, in that each section contains a small bit of information with subsections properly labeled within them. The readability of the pdf version of the book approaches zero.

The font used in the equations seems to be Times New Roman which makes the lower case v look like a greek nu.

Both Web Assign and Mastering Physics have links to the text in many of the problems. As a STEM educator, a books pedagogy is highly relevant in my practice: The formulas can be confusing at times, it seems like they should have used a better editor for the mathematical components.

Isaac Abiola rated it liked it May 13, The topics in the book are organized, physjcs discussed clearly.

Better yet, is the video presentation that helps build confidence in solving the problems. I think their point might have been that the pictures do not have to be great pictures, but one could make a nice picture and then another simpler one a few times to make that point too. At the suggestion of BCcampus staff, this review has been prepared jointly by Takashi Sato and Tyron Tsui alphabetical order.


The Open Stax text has 34 chapters whereas Giancoli has 33 and Knight has Things I did not like: The book does not seem to be biased. The colleeg on special relativity is more promising, and the algebra-based nature of this book is indeed sufficient for special relativity.

The chapter is divided into smaller sections or modules that are helpful in locating relevant topics, instead of having to colleg through the entire chapter. Is mathJax coming urome epub sometime? No one has published a text yet that doesn’t turn into a selected topics in Physics after fluids.

College Physics

I do not notice any obvious cultural insensitivities or offensive representations. The material is mostly up-to-date and could be updated easily.

Some chapters are reordered in comparison to typical college physics books, but that does not cause any concern. I think it would be nice to have a few stories of individual students who were successful who provide their entire story inclusive of race, ethnicity and background.

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