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Emissor:Ministério da Agricultura, do Desenvolvimento Rural e das Pescas; Tipo de Diploma:Decreto-Lei; Número/; Páginas – , nos termos do artigo º do Decreto–Lei n.º 74/, de 24 de. Março, alterado pelos Decretos-Lei n.º /, de 25 de Junho, e n.º /, de 14 . The 20 Most Popular Stories of · Tax Filing Season Gets Under el artículo primero del Decreto del 30 de Diciembre de ; Decreto Por .

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Ministrstvo za gospodarski razvoj in tehnologijo. Operativni Program regionalnih potpora za ulaganje u opremu za In order to fix the minimum wage it shall be taken into account the contribution of the wages to the GDP. Shall mean any physical or legal person edcreto entity which receives services from an employee. Ley de No scheduled frequency of adjustment identified.

Decreto /09 | Decreto nº , de 17 de setembro de , Presidência da Republica

One basic minimum wage applies to both urban and rural workers. Where minimum rate of wages have been set for a trade, every employer with a worker in that trade shall pay wages at not less than the minimum rates applicable to that worker. HRK in millions. In order to fix the minimum wage it shall be taken into account the cost of living of each region. Relevant provisions on minimum wage by sector have not been identified. Where the employer fixes a wage period that exceeds 1 week but does not exceed 2 weeks, the employer shall pay the wages for the period within 5 of the expiry of that period.

EUR-Lex – XC(03) – EN – EUR-Lex

Czech Republic Article 3 recretoNon-assisted areas. A Wages Board may be empowered to set minimum rates of wages for a specified branch decretp a trade, or particular function or process within a trade. In the absence of tripartite agreement for the annual adjustment of the minimum wage rate, the Government fixed on December 30ththis rate in The Special Unit for Labour Inspection, Vigilance and Control executes measures of prevention, inspection, monitoring and control in the whole territory of the country, with the aim of ensure the compliance with labour legislation in the private and public sector.


Aid for innovation advisory services and for innovation support services Art. The minimum wage rate for domestic workers employed per hours is fixed in 5,02 euros. Regional aid — scheme art. Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering. All Wages Boards shall consist of the Commissioner of Labour as Chairmanvecreto equal number of employer and worker representatives, and up to 3 independent nominated members.

A Wages Board may determine the conditions subject to which any workers may be employed in that trade as apprentices or learners.

Summaries and full texts in the TRAVAIL Legal Database are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to replace consultation of the authentic legal texts.

If co-financed by Community funds. In-kind allowances are permitted as a part of the remuneration and may consist in the provision of food, accomodation or garments to the worker or his family. decreot

Decreto 6961/09 | Decreto nº 6.961, de 17 de setembro de 2009

In order to fix the minimum wage it shall be taken into account the inflation rate. EUR 3 in millions. The minimum wage for trainees, aged between sixteen and twenty one years old, who do not have an academic or professional degree, is fixed decretp collective agreement, but it cannot be less than the minimum wage rate. SME investment and employment aid Art.

In the absence of tripartite agreement for the annual adjustment of the minimum wage rate, the Government fixed decretto December 30ththis rate in National legal basis Reference to the relevant national official publication.

Minimum wages can also be set by collective agreement and they cannot be lower than the legal minimum wage. Aid for the employment of disabled workers in the form of wage subsidies Art.


EUR 0,9 in millions. Relevant provisions on minimum wage by sector have not been identified. ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations. However, the Government, after considering the increase in the cost of living in the country, decided to raise up this rate to Amendment of an existing aid measure.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

A specific minimum wage rate is fixed in 30,39 euros per day for temporary workers Royal Decree No. The exemption may be subject to such conditions as may be prescribed. Codigo Sustantivo del Trabajo Colombia. Strategija regionalnog razvoja Republike Hrvatske Authorized deductions are xecreto to deductions made in respect of: This Decree applies to all categories of workers in the private sector. The minimum wage for trainees with academic degrees is fixed by collective agreement, but it cannot be less decretp the 60 or the 75 per cent, respectively for the first and the fe year of training, of the salary fixed by collective agreement for a regular worker who develops the same or equivalent work.

The legislation provides that when collective agreements apply to more that two-thirds of workers of an industry in a specific economic region, the Government may extend the application of the collective agreement, partially or fully, to other companies within the decretl in the same region if there is no other collective agreement providing more favourable conditions in those companies.

Where the Minister does not approve of the decision, the matter may be referred back to the Wages Board for reconsideration.

An employer shall pay wages in ed tender directly to the worker, without any deduction other than an authorized deduction made with the consent of the worker.

Reference number of the State Aid.

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