The Forests of Silence is a collection of three forests that span both Topaz and Ruby The rest of Gorl’s vines were destroyed by the animals of the forest. All that stands against him is the magic Belt of Deltora with its seven s. Contact Us. Book – The Forest of Silence by Emily Rodda. Deltora Quest #1. Emily Rodda’s book “Deltora Quest; The Forest of Silence” is a fantasy book with magic like no other. The Kingdom of Deltora is under attack from the Shadow.

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Retrieved May 17, Each book involves the characters finding a gem to fit into the belt of Deltora, which only the true heir can wear. The belt is needed to fight the evil Shadow Lord, who cast the seven gems into seven extremely dangerous areas of the realm. When Lief and Barda make it to the Forests of Silence, they find themselves captured and unable to move.

Endon told Jarred that he believed that Prandine killed Min, and that his wife, Queen Sharnbelieved that also. He was an ordinary man, a blacksmith who made swords and armor and shoes for horses. The companions, now numbering three, continue to the smallest of the Forests.

Endon and Jarred gave her shocked looks, and Sharn said that she had often seen smaller jesters do a similar trick. He went to the library for research and found The Belt of Deltoraa book containing information about the Belt of Deltora. They reach their goal, and Barda thanks Jasmine for leading them and tells her that she need not go any further.

I forget the plots and the characters names and what even the major point of the quest was Glancing around the chapel, Jarred saw a body on the stand and realised that it was Minhis and Endon’s old nursemaid.

The Store – Deltora Quest 1 #1: The Forests of Silence Collectors’ Edition – Book – The Store

When stepped on by any living feltora, the Sunray’s leaves instantly slam shut with great speed, trapping the victim. Despite the warning signs along the path leading up to the Forests of Silence, the two head into the forest and are captured by the Wenn. It’s available at many bookstores and libraries as a package where the first 4 volumes out of 8 are collected together. Jared’s parents died so he is still in the castle to be best friends with the prince. The second half is very the silnce starts and the three main characters meet.


Divided, the tribes could not resist the Shadow Lord’s depredations, even with their Gems of Power. The Knight has kept himself going for thousands of years by his avaricious guarding of the Lilies. The illustrated maps in the book provide a pretty good look at what the land forrest like.

Aug 12, Ashlyn rated it it was amazing. It is the first book in the first series of Deltora Quest. These ulcers qquest take months to heal and usually leave a deep pockmark.

The three brothers eventually found the lilies, but the youngest brother, Gorldemanded their nectar for himself and killed his brothers. DQ and its spinoffs were some of my favourite books growing up and I need something to fill the void!

A person identified as Jarred’s son and apprentice, Lief, has been born during this time. And the Deltoa being gone was never really explained.

The Forest of Silence

I don’t know I could recommend anything in adult fiction, but if you haven’t read Rowan of Rin, Three Doors and Star of Deltora, you could always return to the world in the best way possible: My foresst and I both read these in fourth grade I graduated high school this May, for referenceand to this day they rank among our favorite series read, ever.

Flesh Pythons are red and covered with a slime which gives the impression of them being skinless. Fair use rationale for “The Forest of Silence book. I also enjoyed it because there were no sappy love stories, is was pure entertainment for me.


The Forests of Silence – Wikipedia

Sign In Don’t have an account? Goodreads helps you keep track of books delotra want to read. The Lilies produce a nectar of healing and, potentially, immortality. Lief willingly accepts the challenge which goes along with this gift. Soon, they are of a height where the Wennbar cannot follow them or bring them down. Did anyone read this sieries? The kings and quets also let their power go to the administrative council, diminishing its power. I don’t know I could recommend anything in adult fiction, but if you haven’t read Rowan of Rin, Three Doors and Star of Deltora, you could …more I feel ya!

To do this he must travel far and wide to find the gems that have been lost. He, Jasmine and Barda sit on the branch, and Barda is shivering so hard that Lief is worried that he will fall. I enjoyed this book for its relative complexity and dorest intriguing glimpses of compelling character stories.

Jun 10, Lindsay Grogan rated it liked it. When I worked at the bookstore I bought the follow-up series for my brother, even though he was too old for them by this point. Sign In Don’t have an account? Doran included a detailed description of the Forests of Silence in sikence book Secrets of Deltora.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I have got it but never read it As the journey goes on it becomes clear the world of Deltora is not a standard fantasy kingdom; it is a frequently nightmarish, genuinely unsettling place filled with grotesque creatures, cruel curses, tricks and traps, deltors oppression and brutality, constant struggle and deadly hidden truths.


Her mother saw Jasmine and made a sign to her to stay in the ferns and be silent.

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