Coronado: Stories. From Dennis Lehane, the award-winning author of Mystic River, Shutter Island, and the Kenzie-Gennaro series, comes a striking collection of. Coronado: Stories is a collection of five short stories and a play by the American author Dennis Lehane. “Until Gwen”, the collection’s fifth story, was published in. Dennis Lehane doesn’t need to learn much when it comes to writing exciting, electric crime novels. A couple of jokes now and then wouldn’t kill.

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And it’s not that there’s anything wrong with the other stories in the book, but they aren’t Gwen that first reading of Gwen in particular so they cannot win my heart. The conversation between the father and his son Bobby seems to be building towards something ominous all is revealed in Act Two.

This one clronado is worth reading the whole collection. It may ring true to a certain extent, but not that interesting.

Coronado: Stories

I observed hardboiled, crude characters involed in tasteless activities. The baller in charge meets the little sister of the despised ex-footballer, and she shocks him at how much more violent and vindictive she can be, more so than the three of them combined.

They drunkenly wreck the house and are shocked by the appearance of Lyle’s younger sister, Lurlene, who is eager to join the party. First of all, I almost never read short stories and, truth be told, had I known this was a collection of stories AND a play, I never would have asked for the book off of Bookmooch.

Jan 12, Lindsey rated it it was ok. Powerfully envisioned lives, recounted unflinchingly. Stories Dennis Lehane, Author. Fortunately, Lehane has written several doronado which I enjoyed, so it was not a complete loss for him.

Jan 21, Peggy rated it liked it. How successful it’s been since then I am unsure.


coronaco It’s too bad they decided not to include that in the audio version because I find plays to be brilliantly read for the car. The pretty young woman is married, and so they make plans to eliminate drnnis husband Hal Mark Schroederhatching a murder plot in between inflamed make-out sessions and poetic dialogue. That said, I found this an extremely different side of Dennis Lehane and one which I have not decided whether I like or not.

Dennis Lehane writes the hell out of Boston.

I usually tend to gravitate toward the dark and macabre I’m a huge Stephen King fanbut at times it just felt like too much. View Full Version of PW. I think that’s Boston. There are no discussion topics dennos this book yet. The best part for me, though, was the author interview at the end.

Coronado: Stories

It’s all in the mix, I guess. Dennis Lehane is simply in a class of his own I don’t know w Dennis Lehane is one of my favorite authors. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Aug 19, Daniel Christensen rated it it was ok Shelves: If you like Mr. Where those elements pop up in these stories, the book works well. I could read and re-read some of his books a denbis of times, even though they aren’t what you would ever call ‘great literature’ style fiction.

A murderous thriller — “Coronado” by Dennis Lehane at The Holding Company – ArtsBeatLA

A southern style story of hope and jealousy. Second half is a play that ties the stories together I believe. This play ultimately was produced and performed professionally. Lehane’s style reminds me strongly of Stephen King’s, both lehanf the talent to master mundane scenes and the ability to touch on the idiosyncrasies of characters, which make the story seem very relevant and authentic.

It is an unusual action on my part because I am fond of Lehane’s writing and characters and I try not to discard a book unread. There aren’t any cliches in his writing and it cotonado typically full of vibrant prose and deep revelations into the human spirit.


Books by Dennis Lehane. I bought this on audio during a road trip when I was desperate for something to listen to and ran out of my library audiobooks even though I wasn’t sure about the short stories on audio. Lists with This Book.

Coronado: Stories – Dennis Lehane

Sep 16, J. Good on Lehane for spreading his creative wings, but this mostly fell short for me. A couple of the stories were really riveting and a couple left me feeling like I had missed something big. Didn’t really leave a big impact. First half is a series of short stories. The first story “Running Out of Dog” seems to be kind of cliched Southern Gothic stuff, but well-enough written.

Coronado has a great storyline that keeps you guessing right until the final revelations. March 15, at 6: At turns suspenseful, surreal, romantic, and tragically comic, these tales journey headlong into the heart of our national myths about class, gender, freedom, and regeneration through violence and reveal that the truth waiting for us there is not what we’d expect. Discover what to read next.

Hardcover Amazon Barnes and Noble. I’ll have to find a copy to finish it up. This was an odd read for me. Each of the short stories were precise in their humanity – brief glimpses which established character, setting and conflict, and ultimately were powerful enough to deliver real stakes.

Where they don’t appear, the story is missing something I feel.

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