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Hot-rolled products in weldable fine grain structural steels; part 2: delivery conditions for normalized/normalized rolled steels; German version EN Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering DINWelding of reinforcing steel – Part 1: Execution of welding operations (FOREIGN STANDARD)-This standard deals with the requirement for .

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This only applies in cases where the column is not subjected to transverse loads or moments between its two ends and the axial force can be assumed constant over the length of the column. Page 63 DIN Lap joints of welded reinforcing fabric example. This standard is not included in any packages.

Previous editions DIN Parts of critical section not satisfying item 1 of subclause Representing a mean secant modulus of elasticity at oc R 0,4 fcm. The values given are based on a shear slenderness ratio, l, of 3 and shall be multiplied by kl in cases where l has a value other than 3. Connection of secondary beams plan view.

CONNIE: SI: Regulations directory : DIN

In monolithic members, the same support reaction may be assumed if 0499-1 distance of the lower edge of the supported member to the lower edge of the supporting member is greater than the depth of the supported member.

Page 8 DIN Page 27 DIN For 10see page Minimum concrete cover for corrosion protection and tolerance on concrete cover.

This also applies to reinforced concrete walls connected to slabs. Page 39 DIN Where bonding conditions are moderate cf. Page 55 DIN Should dkn concrete be stipulated, appropriate directions shall be included. Where there are high concentrated loads, the length of each section shall not extend beyond the points at which the shear force rises sharply.


Bilinear stress-strain curve 4 For lightweight concrete, a shall be assumed equal to 0,75 when using the curve in figure 23 or the diagram in figure 25, and 0,8 when using that in figure Drying shrinkage strain of normal-weight concrete for t approaching infinity For 10see page The standards listed above have been consolidated into the new standard series, each Part of which deals with a different aspect.

Your Alert Profile lists the documents that will be monitored. Critical section near an unsupported edge. Tying system providing for accidental actions floor plan. If the member bracing the compression member forms part of a structure of the type shown in figure 11 bit shall be checked whether the assumption of an inclination of the structure including members with and without a bracing function to the target axis as specified in subclause 7.

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These may be isolated compression members see figures 11 a and 11 b or compression members forming part of a structure but which may be classed as isolated compression members for the purpose of analysis as specified in items 12 and 3 of subclause 8. Page 59 DIN Values shall be taken from table 9 or Anchorage of bundles of bars with widely spaced theoretical curtailment points. Subscription pricing is determined by: The design of members shall be based on the highest permitted minimum concrete strength class associated with each exposure class, established taking into consideration item 2.


As a simplification, sp0 may conservatively be assumed equal to spg0.

The minimum cover to ensure adequate corrosion protection and bond shall be as given in table 4 and item 4 above, respectively. In the calculations, the zones of flexural compression and flexural tension shall be given separate treatment, using for each half of the shear reinforcement don for shear alone. This strain shall be determined taking structural deformations into account.

Stress-strain curve for non-linear methods of analysis and strain calculations. The loadbearing capacity and the serviceability of the structure and its members shall be set out in a clear and easily verifiable manner.

Final creep coefficient for normalweight concrete in an external humid atmosphere. In the above, a partial safety factor, gR, of 1,3 for permanent and temporary design situations and fatigue analysis or 1,1 for accidental design situations for the design resistance shall be taken into account.

Determining areas for partial area loading. Page 23 DIN Where relevant, these properties also apply with regard to tensile and compressive stresses.

Such methods may be applied in the design of the unaffected parts of beams and slabs after cracking djn subclause These values apply for both compression and tension.

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