Directiva /2/CE del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo, de 14 de marzo de infraestructura de información espacial en la Comunidad Europea (Inspire). on the implementation of Directive /2/EC of March establishing an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE). / regarding the definition of a INSPIRE metadata element. / recante attuazione della direttiva /2/CE del Parlamento europeo e del.

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Languages, formats and link to OJ. Direttiva modificata da ultimo dal regolamento CE n. This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. Direttiva modificata del regolamento CE n. Member States have made progress since then and are required to update the situation in their reports.

Questa voce comprende il basamento roccioso, gli acquiferi insprie la geomorfologia. Public authorities need to have smooth access to relevant spatial data sets and services during the execution of their public tasks. Elevation Digital elevation models for land, ice and ocean surface. Sistemi di griglie geografiche Griglia multi-risoluzione armonizzata con un punto di origine comune e un posizionamento e una dimensione standard delle celle.

The Directive needs to be fully implemented by 7.

EUR-Lex – DC – EN – EUR-Lex

The internal coherence of the Directive has proven to be sound because Member States largely follow its steps. Includes links between different networks. Natural risk zones Vulnerable areas characterised according to natural hazards all atmospheric, hydrologic, seismic, volcanic and wildfire phenomena that, because of their location, severity, and frequency, have the potential to seriously affect societye.

Those services shall take into account relevant user requirements and shall be easy to use, available to the public and accessible via the Internet or any other appropriate means of telecommunication. Risorse minerarie Risorse minerarie, compresi i minerali metallici, i minerali industriali, ecc. However, progress in adapting fe management in the environmental field has only been partial. La Commissione istituisce e gestisce un geoportale Inspire a livello comunitario.

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Direttiva modificata dalla decisione n. While early investment in IT infrastructure, transformation of data and skills development was expected, only a few Member States reported that they had made this investment.

Environmental problems do not stop at borders. Chapter 13 Inspie P. Member States shall communicate to the Commission the text of the main provisions of national law which they adopt in the field covered by this Directive.

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EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Nonetheless, some Member States have shown that the process is possible and report positively 200 the resultant benefits, if only in qualitative terms. I metadati contengono informazioni sui seguenti aspetti: Complex and heterogeneous national data policies and the absence of a pan-European data policy hinder the free flow of data — a concern also recognised in the wider Digital Virettiva Market. This is confirmed by the evaluation of efficiency from front-runner Member States that invested in implementation early on, developed more open data policies and aligned the INSPIRE Directive with their national priorities on open data and the drive for eGovernment.

Includes spatial data based on measurements, on models or on direttiva combination thereof and includes measurement locations. Apparecchiature e impianti direttva produzione agricola compresi i sistemi di irrigazione, le serre e le stalle.

Since the Community institutions and bodies frequently need to integrate and assess spatial information from all dorettiva Member States, they should be able to gain access to and use spatial data and spatial data services in accordance with harmonised conditions. It was suggested that one way to overcome this future challenge is to set clear priorities, i.

This will also make the next step of making these data interoperable step 5, deadline more difficult. A number of uses for data covered by the INSPIRE Directive can be further exploited at EU level through reporting, supporting impact assessments or evaluations, research and innovation. Gli Stati membri forniscono alle istituzioni ed organismi comunitari l’accesso ai set di dati territoriali e servizi ad essi relativi conformemente a condizioni armonizzate.

Member States have until at the latest to complete this step. The methods of making such reference shall be laid down by Member States. Since the wide diversity of formats and structures in which spatial data are organised and accessed in the Community hampers the efficient formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Community legislation that directly or indirectly affect the environment, implementing measures should be provided for in order to facilitate the use of spatial data from different sources across the Member States.

The network of services should also include the technical possibility to enable public authorities to make their spatial data sets and services available.


Aree che presentano condizioni ecologiche relativamente omogenee con caratteristiche comuni. In order to bring about such integration, it is necessary to establish a measure of coordination between the users and dirsttiva of the information so that information and knowledge from different sectors can be combined.

In particular, the significant remaining obstacles created by the data policies in many countries impede effective progress and perpetuate the administrative burden because data cannot be easily shared between administrations. The effective implementation of infrastructures for spatial information requires coordination by all those with an interest in the establishment of such infrastructures, whether as contributors or users.

Documenting identified spatial data enables them to be found online more easily. Metadata shall include information on the following: Member States may also provide access to those direttiav through their own access points. Those measures cr be designed to make the spatial data sets interoperable, and Member States should ensure that any data or information needed for the purposes of achieving interoperability are available on conditions that do not restrict their use for that purpose.

Soils and subsoil characterised according to depth, texture, structure and content of particles and organic material, stoniness, erosion, where appropriate mean slope and anticipated water storage capacity. Languages and formats available. The infrastructures for spatial information in the Member States should be designed to ensure that spatial data are stored, made available and maintained at the most appropriate level; that it is possible to combine spatial data from different sources across the Community in a consistent way and share them between several users and applications; that it is possible for spatial data collected at one level of public authority to be shared between other public authorities; that spatial data are made available under conditions which do not unduly restrict their extensive use; that it is easy to discover available spatial data, to evaluate their suitability for the purpose and to know the conditions applicable to their use.

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