Its presentation as a giant Meckel’s diverticulum (>5 cm) is rare and is Publisher: El divertículo de Meckel corresponde a la persistencia. Intussusception secondary to Meckel’s diverticulum in a 3-month-old girl. Case reportInvaginación intestinal secundaria a diverticulo de Meckel en niña de 3. Int. J. Morphol., 25(3), CASE REPORT. Meckel’s Diverticulum. A Case Report. Divertículo de Meckel. Reporte de Caso. Sampath Madhyastha.

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An exceedingly rare cause of J Indian Assoc Pediatr Surg.

The alkaline secretions of ectopic pancreatic tissue can also cause ulcerations Artigas. Acute inflammation of DM is usually accompanied by fever, vomiting and abdominal pain, and is often indistinguishable from acute appendicitis.

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Intestinal atresia Duodenal atresia Meckel’s diverticulum Hirschsprung’s disease Intestinal malrotation Dolichocolon Enteric duplication cyst. Lymphatic follicles were also observed in submucosa.

Mackey WC, Dineen P. Absence of gas elimination flatulance and feces over the same period. If your hospital, university, trust or other institution provides access to Best Practice, log in via the appropriate link below: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


All patients underwent surgery successfully, with remission of the symptoms being achieved in all cases. Burjonrappa S, Khaing P. Therefore, the preoperative diagnosis is difficult dierticulo exceptional, since it is a rare condition that can mimic other causes of acute abdomen and presents nonspecifically in most imaging studies. Are you a health professional able to prescribe or dispense drugs?

Meckel’s diverticulum – Wikipedia

Casilla D Temuco – Chile Tel.: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Meckel’s diverticulum is much more frequent in children than in adults. In a recent review, the conditions most commonly associated with symptomatic diverticulum were: A Meckel’s diverticuluma true congenital diverticulumis a slight bulge in the small intestine present at birth dierticulo a vestigial remnant of the omphalomesenteric duct also called the vitelline duct or yolk stalk.

Take a look at our subscription options. A population based study Cullen et al. Preoperative detection of symptomatic MD requires a high index suspicion, and arrangement of the diagnostic tests.

J R Soc Med, 99pp. Diverticulitis can also cause adhesionsleading to intestinal obstruction. Heterotopic means the displacement of an organ from its normal anatomic location.

[Giant Meckel’s diverticulum in an adult].

No specialised tests are needed when there is ds clinical suspicion and surgery must be performed without delay in emergency cases. Ultrasonography could demonstrate omphaloenteric duct remnants or cysts.

Physical examination revealed paleness of the skin and mucosae and sinus tachycardia with normal blood pressure. We understand that prophylactic appendectomy should be performed in all cases affected by DM. Surgical management of Meckel’s diverticulum. This is a true diverticulum which is located on the anti-mesenteric border of the ileum, usually about cm ileocecal valve 3.

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Color Doppler of Meckel’s diverticulum: report of two cases

Meckel’s diverticulum and other omphalomesenteric duct remnants. The value of sonography, CT and air enema for detection of complicated Meckel diverticulum in children with nonspecific clinical presentation. Initially, a fecaloid mass obstructs the diverticulum leading diverficulo inflammation, necrosis and eventual perforation. In asymptomatic patients resection of ce diverticulum or ileal segment that contains has been advocated in most studies, in that strategies to determine the risk factors age, sex, diverticulum length proved ineffective in decision remove prophylactically or not the diverticulum.

Treatment is surgical, potentially with a laparoscopic resection. A large Meckel’s diverticulum was recognized 80 cm from the ileocaecal valve and intraoperative enteroscopy Fig.

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