@ 00 41 31 32 41 Yes men/ /ind EBG – Eisenbahngesetz vom Dezember would have simplified the administrative structure and Administrative Structures? . gemeines Eisenbahngesetz (General Railways Act); § 28(1) sent. 2 of the. Home» Fields of Law» Public» Administrative Procedure Law .. designated in the General Rail Act (Allgemeines Eisenbahngesetz), the.

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The Chairman shall have the casting vote in the event of a tie. The administrative authority may also supplement its discretionary considerations as to the administrative act in the proceedings before the administrative courts. The information in the link is a great start. The appeal on points of fact and law must designate the impugned judgment. If these cannot be complied with, or if the competent supervisory authority claims that special reasons of confidentiality or classification of information oppose the submission of the certificates or files or the transmission of the electronic documents to the court, the submission or transmission shall be effected in accordance with the fifth sentence by the certificates, files or electronic documents being made available to the court on premises designated by the supreme supervisory authority.

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Ee en pro oces van b bloed d, zw weet e en tra anen! Section 46 The Higher Administrative Court shall adjudicate on the rights of 1. Section 64 The provisions of sections 59 to 63 the Code of Civil Procedure on the joinder of parties shall apply mutatis mutandis.

If the certificates or electronic documents are already known to the opponent or are very extensive, the precise designation shall be sufficient, coupled with the offer to grant inspection in the court.

Subsection 3, third to fifth sentences, shall apply mutatis mutandis. For further details see: Section 1 If a request lodged by a party concerned according to the facts or the costs consequence has been adminn or partly overlooked in the ruling, the judgment shall be supplemented by subsequent decision on request. It shall be occupied with the necessary number of clerks. If the administrative court admits the appeal on points of law by an order, the period for the appeal on points of law shall be initiated on service of this ruling.

Section 67a 1 If more than twenty persons are involved in a dispute in the same interest without being represented by an authorised legal representative, the court may instruct them by means of an order to appoint a joint proxy-holder within a suitable period if the proper processing of the dispute would otherwise be impaired. Admim an adequate reason applies why the objection has not yet been ruled on or the requested administrative act eizenbahngesetz not yet been carried out, the court shall suspend the proceedings until expiry of a deadline set by it, which can be extended.


Rejection may take place in the ruling in accordance with the first sentence. Section 50 1 The Federal Administrative Court shall rule at first and last instance on 1. Sections 17 to 17b of the Courts Constitution Act shall apply mutatis mutandis to factual and territorial jurisdiction.

Section 67 1 Those concerned may themselves pursue the dispute before the administrative court. Insofar as preliminary proceedings were pending, fees and eisenbahngexetz shall be refundable if the court declares it necessary to consult a proxy-holder for the preliminary proceedings.

The provisions of Title II of the Courts Constitution Act Gerichtsverfassungsgesetz shall apply mutatis mutandis to the courts of administrative jurisdiction. It may order that several claims lodged in one set of adnin are deliberated and ruled on in separate sets of proceedings. Section 18 — 3rd Chapter — Honorary judges Section 19 Honorary judges shall take part in oral hearings and in reaching a judgment with equal rights as judges. The action may not be lodged prior to the expiry of three months after the lodging of the objection or since the filing of the application to carry out the administrative act, unless a shorter period is required because of special circumstances of the case.

Withdrawal after making the applications in the oral hearing shall be conditional on the consent of the defendant and, if a representative of the public interest has attended the oral hearing, also consent of the latter. Section 30 1 The Presidium of the administrative court shall determine prior to the commencement of the business year the sequence in which the honorary judges are to be called in to the sessions. The honorary judges shall not be required to sign.

» Code of Administrative Court Procedure (Verwaltungsgerichtsordnung, VwGO) German Law Archive

Section The judgment of the administrative court may only be altered insofar as an alteration has been applied for. Unless the Federal Administrative Court has ruled, the order may be independently challenged with a complaint. It may rule without an oral hearing. They must meet the preconditions for nomination as honorary judges. In the reasoning, the fundamental significance of the case must be explained or the ruling from which the judgment deviates, or the procedural shortcoming, must be designated.


Section 65, subsections 1 and 4, and section 66 shall apply mutatis mutandis. The correction order shall asmin noted on the ad,in and on the duplicates.

If an electronic document has been converted into paper form, the printout must contain a note as to the result yielded by the integrity check of the document, the individual who is identified by the signature check as the owner of the eisebbahngesetz and the time the signature check shows for affixing the signature. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Complaints must be made in writing, and must include the Section 4 The provisions eisenbahngesdtz Title II of the Courts Constitution Act Gerichtsverfassungsgesetz shall apply mutatis mutandis to the courts of administrative jurisdiction.

Section The Higher Administrative Court shall rule on the complaint by an order.

eisenbahngesetz admin pdf writer

The Higher Administrative Court shall only review the reasoning submitted. Section shall not apply to the files and electronic documents submitted in accordance with the fifth sentence, and to the special reasons claimed in accordance with the eighth sentence. The court shall rule on objections after hearing the eisenbahngdsetz supervisory authority or, in case of supreme federal or Land authorities, the competent minister.

Section 55a 1 Those concerned may convey electronic documents to the court insofar as this has been permitted for the respective jurisdiction by legal ordinance of the Federal Government or of the Land Governments. The deadline shall also be deemed to have been adhered to by virtue of its being lodged with the authority which has to issue the ruling on an objection. Section 55b 1 The procedural files may be kept in electronic form. The regulations of the classification of information for eisenbahngsetz shall apply to the non-judicial staff.

Sections 19 to 33 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the honorary judges at the Higher Administrative Court if the Land legislature has determined that honorary judges are involved at this court. The order shall be incontestable. Here, twice as many as the honorary judges required in accordance with section 27 are to be taken as a basis.

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