Configuring ejabberd – Introduction – Installing ejabberd -. XMPP clients & bots – Ejabberd Rest API – Extending ejabberd. However, the guide is believed to help you understanding ejabberd’s code.

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Moreover, the described core layers are pure abstraction grouping several modules together by some criteria for better understanding of ejabberd internal processing rules.

But this method is nowadays deprecated and not recommended. In previous ejabberd version the configuration file should be written in Erlang terms.

Control parameters These parameters control the behaviour of the module.

Administration API reference | ejabberd Docs

Welcome to this Dochmentation server. Riak Connection The following paramaters are available: Accordingly, you do not need to buy an expensive high-end machine to support tens of thousands concurrent users.

One-to-one messaging Store-and-forward offline messages Contact list roster and presence Groupchat: This option is disabled by default. To avoid writing a lot of extracting code the following functions can be used: The option accepts a list of file paths optionally with wildcards containing either PEM certificates or PEM private keys.


ejabberd 2.1.11 Features

Every stanza element has meta field represented as a map. To access the most up-to-date ejabberd documentationplease visit docs.

Mentioned modules are explained in more details in the ejbberd sections. Filename of erlang source file to compile Result: Strophe Open Source software: LDAP base directory which stores users accounts. If this option is not specified, default parameters will be used, which might not provide the same level of security as using custom parameters.


When a web request hits a directory instead of a regular file, those directory indices are looked in order, and the first ekabberd found is returned. However, it is possible to use a relational database, key-value storage or an LDAP server to store persistent, long-living data.

The available room options and the default values are:. It performs configuration file parsing and validation. However, there is no much sense to set the size above elements. The list of occupants with JID, nick and affiliation Examples: As in the example above to have the sat-pubsub. If sql is specified, make sure you have configured the database, see the database section. Note that the room moderators can always see the real JIDs of the occupants.

List dlcumentation tuples with module name and description Examples: Name of user docimentation Examples: When a MUC room is considered overcrowed, presence broadcasts are limited to reduce load, traffic and excessive presence ‘storm’ received by participants.

A hostname dochmentation the Riak server. Allow occupants to change the subject.

For a complete overview of ejabberd source code and documentatuon dependencies, please refer to ejabberd and related repositories. The mechanisms can be listed as lowercase or uppercase strings. Such layout has a few downsides, including: The type of an SQL connection. Setting, changing, or declining the default list i. No ACLs are defined, but some user restriction could be added as well:. We have bootstrapped a huge documentation effort for ejabberd, but we dovumentation it will also serve as a good reference to learn XMPP.


This is a new archiving feature. This option defines which access rule is used to specify the “soft quota” for the matching JIDs.

A sample configuration is shown below:. To access the most up-to-date ejabberd documentationplease visit docs. Any arbitrary Name and URL can be specified, not only contact addresses. In some cases the rules can be bypassed, but the reason doing so should be really weighty. The options that match this criteria are not accepted.

To accomplish this the following function can be used:. Full path to the text file Result: There are the following disciplines: This behavior might often be desired, but could have unexpected results under certain circumstances.

It’s worth noting that the code itself should be indented using Emacs indentation style that is the standard indentation style for Erlang programs. You can find more contributed modules on the ejabberd website. This module reads also another option defined globally documentaiton the server: Path to file where generated documentation should be stored regexp:: Links on top for quicker navigation: Previous and next versions can differ drastically from the one described herein.

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