Read a free sample or buy Her Ladyship’s Companion by Evangeline Collins. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad. 9 results for Books: “Evangeline Collins” By Evangeline Collins Seven Nights to Forever (Original). 16 Dec El acompañante. 1 Jul Catherine Spencer – Pasión En El Caribe · Karen Van Der Zee – Un Tornado En Su Corazón · Kate Hewitt – Secuestrada Por El Jeque · Maureen Child – Padre A .

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Apart from Gideon and the really good writing, I appreciated the very unique plotting this book had. Jun 28, Tammy Walton Grant rated it it was amazing Shelves: Likewise, the hero shows occasional pettiness and, at least to start with, doesn’t have the ability to be able to respond sensitively to the heroine, beyond the tricks he’s learned over the years whilst servicing the legends of paying customers.

I felt so bad for Isabella. Nobody cares about what he wants. He knows almost instinctively what she needs, and most importantly when to enforce the boundaries of their relationship.

JazminMargaret Way. Her character remains consistent throughout the story as do the characters of her annoying brothers and her sob husband.

Los placeres del pecado. El acompañante by Evangeline Collins on Apple Books

And for those who want to grab at my meat, back off! I think she became a bit obsessed with Gideon, especially after their original two week stay was over. Other than her servants, she is alone. This book reminded me of Pretty Woman just the man is the prostitute not the woman. No trivia or quizzes yet. How do you keep him coming back? I totally got her conflicts. Polite, ell, strong, gorgeous, delicious. Gideon’s history was so believable, collijs goals so realistic and his vulnerability so appealing I fell in love with him just as Bella did.


No sex without contraception.

Los placeres del pecado. El acompañante

Hero is a male prostitute hired by a friend of the heroine wife of an earl to see to her needs for a couple of weeks.

How do you give your body but not your heart? So, I really like how this book looks at these two issues a bit more objectively than most HRs. I highly recommend this book. To me, she showed signs of being mentally unbalanced and seemed a bit immature. The hero, Gi I really, really enjoyed this book!

She’s a 3 orgasm girl once she gets going, and it got to be a bit much after a while. As I mentioned this bugged me so far but when it happened, it took my breath away. It was Esme who finally asked her to have a little flirtation in her life, hire a man and be done with her penance.


She fell, quite hard, for Gideon. What marred my fun was- though I knew that Bella was already weak both physically and emotionally towards Gideon, not knowing much about him at xollins point I thought he was kinda distant, his every move calculated.


It is the prettiest I’ve seen in a long time. I recommend skipping this one. I feel as though I’ve run a marathon but without that post-run high [which is s Gosh, this was an effort for me.

Evangeline Collins

In the Scottish countryside of Selkirk, Lady Isabella Stirling resides at Bowhill Park, serving penance for a sin that nearly ruined her family. In and out of the bedroom – she suffered an extreme case of 2 stars. BiancaSarah Morgan. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this book.

Anyway, this time their affair went very well, much more intimate but Gideon still followed his rules while Bella abided by them. Cuando el chocolate no es suficiente. Esme is a young widow, living her life as she pleases.

He finds her incredibly beautiful and she finds him fascinating.

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