Como dice el abad Jean-Charles Nault (Cf., El demonio del mediodía. La acedia, el oscuro mal de nuestro tiempo. BAC, Madrid, ), el. Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site. The noonday devil is the demon of acedia, the vice also known as sloth. The word “sloth,” however, can be misleading, for acedia is not laziness; in fact it can .

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Along with Kathleen Norris’s Acedia and Meit addresses a long-forgotten but deeply relevant topic for the 21st century.

People who do agree will merely be confirmed in what they already believe and perhaps be pushed a bit further into social despair.

P.Bojorge-El demonio de la acedia 1/13: La civilización depresiva.

Chapter One discusses Evagrius of Pontus died and the Desert Fathers; Evagrius very well and concisely described Acedia among the desert monks, and included Acedia as one of the Eight Wicked Thoughts. This book is very insightful, written by a Monk, yet penetrating the lives of all who call themselves Christian. Noonday Devil Reading Schedule. The beginning is enlightening, but the second half is theoretical just when the reader wishes for practical guidance. This book makes a very powerful case that the primary evil of our day is Acedia, a eel of hopelessness and type of nihilism demojio which we spurn the Supreme Good and compensate with lesser goods.

Acedia is a sin or an evil that is actually hard to define. Alas, this remedy is totally beyond the child’s reach. Acedia is an evil of our time because “it is at the origin of the despair of remonio contemporaries, who believe that it would be better not to exist” The Midday Demon, O.

This is the kind of book that is well worth reading again every year or so. Perhaps this chapter’s defects stem from the limitations of Nault’s experience of the outside world after having lived so long as a cloistered monk?


An extremely thoughtful work on a subject not well-spoken of today. The author uses quotes from both the Desert Fathers as well as following up to the Medieval Theologian, St. There’s much more that could be drawn from this relatively short book, so consider putting it on your reading list. Rather, acedia is a gloomy combination of weariness, sadness, and a lack of purposefulness. This theological presentation of the ancient monastic sin of acedia began as a doctoral dissertation.

It was a refreshing and resourceful read; very helpful in examining one’s thoughts and direction, regardless of one’s state in life. Jul 06, Michael Philliber rated it really liked it. Acedia is central to the modern condition. Explores the cause of many ills of today’s world: Faith is cooled, hope is dimmed and charity is affected.

It affects people in the middle of the day and the middle of life. Jul 31, Stuart rated it really liked it. Praise for The Noonday Devil “Dom Nault’s book shows how acedia is the unwillingness to ask the questions about the meaning of our lives.

Although it was a good book, I felt like it was marketed to lay people. I certainly did not care for Part 4 at all when it came to the authors observations about acedia in married couples and for single persons.

I personally don’t see how such dark social critiques help.

La Acedia: Atonía del Alma

If so, it’s odd that the examples in the first two chapters were so different: The author also proposes both metaphysical and practical means to overcoming this ailment, but the question that is posed is will man take these means? Please log in or register to add your comment. It assumes a significant amount of familiarity with theological terms.

Alone and confronting himself, beneath the noonday sun, the monk can no longer see or hear himself; he no longer tolerates himself. The “pastoral acedia-says Pope Francis-can have different origins: In the days of Cicero, it was defined as a “lack of care,” because people who suffered from this evil did not bury acedix de When I received the book The Noonday Devil, I wondered what kind of fiction title this would be.


In terms of spiritual si The Noonday Devil is an excellent study of the topic of Acedia.

La Acedia: Atonía del Alma | Catholic New York

Really great book about the history of and effects of acedia–often thought of as despondency, melancholy, etc. It will not likely resonate with many, or most Protestants, Reformed or Evangelicals, though it should!

In chapter three, I strongly felt that Nault missed the chance of a more sincere, religious-minded application of these ideas to the daily life of non-monastics. When it addresses the contemporary manifestation of acedia, its primary audience is monastic. Also in the first chapter, we see the “five principal manifestations of acedia,” and the “five remedies for acedia. He has eight wicked thoughts in his treatise that the Christian must defeat, because he compared it to the eight nations that the Israelites had to defeat on their exodus from Egypt.

Apr 21, Gil Gilliam rated it it was amazing. Nault does a wonderful job of not only presenting the history behind this evil, but ways to combat and defeat this evil as well!

People are interested in this topic dfmonio much of the answer can be found here. Comments No comments on this story Please log in to comment by clicking here. He urges us not to let ourselves be robbed of evangelizing joy, not to let ourselves be overcome by sterile pessimism: This would be a case of judging a book by its cover, as it is in fact a non-fiction title that deals with the df of acedia.

In general terms it is understood as “fatigue,” “reluctance,” “discouragement” that leads the person to a loss of meaning for what he does. aceeia

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