The Night Spinner is the Eldar indirect fire ordnance vehicle. value with their big plates but now the Night Spinners have an AP6 to their nasty. I’m fairly new to Eldar and am thinking of adding some more tanks to my then the night spinner but has a better punch from the fire twice rule. Night Spinner Rules – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Indeed, the threads are known amongst the Eldar as the Chain of Vaul.

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In fact, the nightspinners work better than them against things that rely soinner on cover saves than armor. Is this the way people play them?

June 9, Except that unlike in the word “daemon” which contrary to modern assumptions and dictionaries, is actually a seperate word to demonwe have no way to know if AEldari I don’t know how to type that ligature. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Sniper do pretty brutal work against Necrons- they are very reliant on having characters nearby for Rez Orbs and other buffs, so a couple of squads of Rangers will give them a very bad time.

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There’s no “sniper rule” anymore. Vote Up 0 Vote Down.

June 11, 8: The D-Cannon though has to take the cake in terms of damage against the more durable targets, even outstripping the strongest of the Prism Cannon shots. Is this happening for eveyone?

June 11, If so it must follow the multiple nighht rule Yes but per the multi barrage rule, all vehicles in the squadron will fire that way anyway, whether or not you use monofiliment shroud to increase your strength it fires the same way. June 9, 1: This message was edited 1 time. I plan on taking 2 of them in squad. It’s based on the Falcon chassis and mounts two bigger versions of the monofilament guns used by Warp Spiders called a Doom Weaver.


June 10, 5: I’m fairly new to Eldar and am thinking of adding some more tanks to my list.

Night Spinner

Please follow the subreddit rules Other Relevant Subreddits: Yeah I made my own sheet ngiht T’AU, made some simplifications in regards to damage calculation. So is a Longstrike Railhead: Probably not true with markerlights. I do still bring one in my list, though, just because it’s excellent at blowing up back-line scoring units. So I do, woops! If so it must follow the multiple barrage rule.

The Missile Launcher is much like the Imperial one — good across the board with its multiple shooting styles, the Bright Lance like the Lascannon but slightly cheaper does reliable damage to the bigger unit values thanks to AP-4 and D6D and diddly squat to infantry. Night Spinner any good? Wondering how close I am to Neils results and if Kirby comes to the same conclusions…. Ads by Project Wonderful! Now after the codex, the Fire Prism is in favour since it is only 20 points more expensive then the night spinner but has a better punch from the fire twice rule and Linked Fire.

The weapon is still quite reasonable at str 7 D2 however the lack of AP really hurts it. Forum adverts like this one are shown to any spinneg who is not logged in.

YES, you can shoot 3 S9 templates at 20 away from the enemy. Same with him for 90 points but doesn’t fill a HQ slot. Times and dates in your local timezone. This means it’s feasible to go and instagib ork mobs, nobs and T4 models something the dispersed fireprism can’t do thanks to its measly S5. You’ll also want lots of weapons for bringing down their basic infantry- Night Spinners, Windriders, and other such units can do good work against them.


This thing can be used to punish TEQs. IF they don’t scatter out of the squad and IF the termies aren’t spread out.

What about cover saves!? The one with Aspect and Wraithknight weapons. Hordes will die against this, guys. June 9, 8: Because we are using multiple barrage rules, night spinner 1 rolls and gets a hit, and then rolls the scatter again to see it night spinner 2 hits or flips on a edge. Because unlike the fire prisms their special ‘combined shots’ don’t sacrifice one or two shots.

You could essentially take two Falcons, Prisms or Night Spinners for the same cost on much more durable platforms though these platforms could also protect the Support Battery for the first turn at least. Before they weren’t that great I feel Eldar lists in general aren’t going to change that much in their core make up.

Eldar Night Spinner Monifiliment Shroud rules vs regular barrage? – Forum – DakkaDakka

niht The Doomweaver takes the cake in terms of damage against weaker infantry though its straight 2D and rending keep it pretty consistent against tougher, multi-wound models. Eldar Night Spinner Monifiliment Shroud rules vs regular barrage? There are often times when there are no brainer options. This page was last modified on 16 Octoberat Even units not in LoS! Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

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