Literalmente, encefalitis significa inflamación del cerebro. En la mayoría de los casos, esta inflamación está provocada por un virus. Se trata de una afección. Doak family. Loomig (A. B.) See Brooks (Amy) Looiuis (A. F.): Paradise cove. Yachts under sail. Lopez Ibor (J.) Encefalitis letargica. Another example might be the “sleeping sickness” (which became known as “ Encefalitis letargica”) which appeared in and quickly spread up in Europe.

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Encephalitis lethargica

Encephalitis epidemica und Grippeencephalitis. Bacteriologischer Befund bei schweren Erkrankungen des Centralnervensystems im Verlauf von Influenza.

Some who shared his view nevertheless suspected that EL and influenza might be somehow related, just as measles and whooping cough were then regarded as allied disorders as they often occurred together in a population. They are fully aware of the situation, execute all requests promptly, get up when requested, walk about, but, if left to themselves, soon relapse into sleep.

William Heinemann Medical Books ; London: In other cases the reply might be delayed an appreciable time, but shows clearly that the question was understood Hallp Influenza caused epidemic encephalitis encephalitis lethargica: There is, however, even stronger evidence for an etiological distinction: Baumann C, de Leeuw CH.



Retrieved 2 May Diplococcus has been implicated as a cause of EL. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

EL might be reported early in its course by an informed physician, but more frequently following the later presentation of post-encephalitic sequelae, or even post mortem on the encefaliti of neuropathology. A review based chiefly on Encwfalitis sources. Zschr ges Neurol Psychiat. Subsequent to publication of this compendium, an enterovirus was discovered in EL cases from the epidemic. Unsourced or poorly sourced material may be challenged and removed.

The only conclusion we would like to provisionally derive from the descriptions by Stern and von Economo is that the deeper airways are infested in the initial stage of influenza encephalitis to a greater degree, while the infection of the respiratory tract in encephalitis lethargica is restricted to pharyngitis.

Years Later: The Lessons of Encephalitis Lethargica – Neuroskeptic

On the basis of this work the authors trialled the employment of soluble Pfeiffer bacillus antigen at a dose of 10 picogram! By the s, the influenza virus had been discovered and was being investigated, as were the arthropod-borne viruses arboviruses responsible for other encephalitides first described in the wake of the EL epidemic. Leichtenstern characterized this encephalitis as: Leyden E, Guttmann S.


Damage to this region is thought to occur in encephalitis lethargica.

Bull Off intHyg publ. Particularly significant is that EL cases were reported in numbers before pandemic influenza cast its shade over Europe.

Monographien ausdem Gesamtgebiete der Neurologie und Psychiatrie.

Then again certain symptoms of the acute phase fever, oculomotor symptoms would strongly argue against that. The correlation established by these authors would be more convincing had the number of cases of each disease, rather than deathsbeen analyzed.

This page was last encefaltiis on 31 Decemberat The American epidemiologist Edwin Oakes Jordan — analyzed published data for various American cities between and and could discover no consistent relationship Jordan b. Prayers for him and you.


This article needs attention from an expert in Medicine. Mit-und Nachkrankheiten im Allgemeinen. The data for Seattle are stronger in this respect, but are nevertheless subject encefalitia a problem recognized by the authors: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

J Am Med Assoc.

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