Epson Stylus D Printer User Guide Manual Technical details Pdf Viewer Operating Instructions. information about your product. Tip: Tips contain hints for better printing. Links to online resources. Movies and featured topics. Contents of on-screen manual. If you’re printing on paper, it is jammed in the printer. Press the paper button to eject the paper. If that doesn’t work, turn off the printer, open the cover, and.

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Then right-click your printer icon and select Printing Preferences. For more information and for registration, please click here. If you have a Macintosh, try using Automatic mode. To replace an ink cartridge, see Replacing an Ink Cartridge. Register The fields marked with an asterisk are required fields.

Turn off the printer, then open the cover and remove any jammed paper or other foreign objects. Has been successfully added to your basket Continue shopping Go to checkout. An ink cartridge is expended or not installed. Heavily saturated prints may curl, causing d12 paper jam when printing on both sides of the paper.

If nothing works, contact Epson as described in Where to Get Help. For Windows, choose Draft as your Quality Option. Your printed colors can never exactly match your on-screen colors. Select Thick paper and envelopes in your printer software.

You must replace epsonn appropriate ink cartridge first. Avoid handling printouts on glossy paper for a few hours to allow the ink to set.


Close your other programs, including any screen savers and virus protection software, and install the software again. You may need to increase the image resolution or print it in a smaller size; see your software documentation. We respect your privacy. When you select Portrait as the Orientation setting, the Left or Right binding positions are available. See the Paper specifications. The first time you install ink cartridges, the printer must charge its print head for about two minutes.

Adjust the print density. Use the Print Preview option in your printer software to check your margins before you print.

If an option for On is not available, select Auto or Manual instead. The specified margin width will be used on both sides of the fold. Then try printing again. Click the Shortcut Icon box.

Solving Problems

Paper may be blocking movement of the print head or the printer may have an internal error. Wait until you see a message on your screen asking you to insert the tray. Also make sure your system meets the requirements listed in System Requirements.

Align the print head. Are you an end user or business customer? Store any unused paper in its original packaging in a dry area. Then do the nozzle check again, and repeat the head cleaning if necessary. Make sure your printer is selected in the Print window or in the Macintosh Page Setup if available and Print windows. For full instructions on performing 2-sided booklet printing please refer to your product’s user’s manuxl. Click the Utility tab and click the Head Cleaning button. To select your scan area, draw a marquee that marks the edges of the scan area on each image.


Once the paper is reloaded, click Resume to print the inside pages. Then specify the width of the binding margin.

Full Auto Mode is sufficient for most scanning jobs especially for a quick scan, however other modes are available that offer more options and user control over the settings and final scanned result. Then reconnect the cable and turn on your printer and computer. You may need to uninstall your printer software and then reinstall it. Your email address or other details will never be shared with any 3rd parties and you will receive only the type maanual content for which you signed up.

Quick Links

Next, click on the Margins button. Try the suggestions in Problems and Solutions. Return back to support options for Epson Stylus D Open the Printing Preferences dialog for your printer to access the print settings. Uninstall the printer software and then reinstall it. If print quality hasn’t improved after repeating this procedure four or five times, turn the printer off and leave it alone overnight.

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