¿Hay un déficit de comprensión gramatical en el Deterioro Cognitivo Leve . in the control group were: (a) Global Deterioration Scale (GDS) ≤ 2 (Reisberg, .. Validez clínica de dos escalas instrumentales en la enfermedad de Alzheimer. -Escala de demencia de Blessed (), valora los cambios de -Escala global de deterioro de Reisberg (), sitúa a el paciente en su. Se seleccionó una muestra de sujetos para aplicar las escalas, de los . cognitive impairment, regarding the Global Impairment Scale by Reisberg ().

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Nevertheless, we have to be conscious that not everybody who is getting elder without developing demency, do it with their intellectual qualities undamaged or reduced, in a mild or non pathological way: Therefore, the work of researching which is shown, tries to offer a view about the state of the situation from the own perception of the person, by using for that purpose, a qualitative methodology of research, without renouncing in favor of some quantitative tools which have made possible a diagnosis for those elder people who have been interviewed as suffering DCL.

Linear regression revealed that verb and sentence comprehension are independent of naming and verbal fluency performance in mMCI patients. Regarding to the BNT three measures were obtained: How to cite this article. Loneliness can be faced up with nearness, affection and love. After analyzing all the information which we obtained, and once we detected the needs of these elder people, from both a psychological and educational view, we can reflect on the orientations which can contribute to improve the socio-cultural and cognitive conditions of these people.

It is in this category where we can find in a significant way any symptom which characterizes the cognitive impairment. Ageing is the result of living moments in previous stages of life, so we have to understand that we cannot extemporize, it is part of the vital process.

Not prescribed selection of people to interview. Escala de memoria de Wechsler-III: All of them are part of the Programme about Gerontology and Healthy Ageing which the social centers are carrying out in different parts of the region of Murcia. To explore the cognitive status of all participants a complete neuropsychological assessment battery was administered. It is really important to point out that elder people who were interviewed are happy, in general terms, with the leisure activities which they do and, even, ask for more if they are given some offers, though on the other hand some of them consider it is enough and they do not need more.


They feel weaknesses, in general regarding their age, but they feel quite well and it is so how they show it in their answers: It is considered that the majority of elder people who were interviewed are quite satisfied with the quality of life that they have. Linear regression analyses following the Enter method were performed to explore if BNT and verbal fluency predicted the results obtained by each group on grammatical comprehension and vocabulary, which was the second main objetive of the study.

Pacientes con Deterioro Cognitivo Leve Multidominio DCLm tienen dificultades similares a las observadas en las etapas iniciales de la enfermedad de Alzheimer.

As far as social-demographic variables, we have to show that a A practical method for grading the cognitive state of patients for the clinician. The application of the sentence comprehension subtest began with five examples where adecuate feedback was provided to the subject.

Nevertheless, all the individuals which are part of the sample face up the problems quite well, and besides, they have the support of their sons or daughtersand, mainly in their couples when they feel they esacla not capable of facing or solving any question which arise in their daily life.

It shows a varied quantity of aspects which are linked and indicate states of welfare in those people. Psychic Health and Physical Health, so, this way we could make a more detailed analysis of basic elements for people with DCL. Discussion Beyond the differences found between both groups in neuropsychological tests, and regarding the first objective of this study, the analyses have shown that mMCI patients had worse performance on verbs than controls and also presented less variability.

Other similar studies deal with it from different points of view Escarbajal de Haro, ; Martinez de Miguel, ; Minano, ; Montero, ; Salmeron,but none of them deal with DCL in elder people who use social centers from their perceptionspsycho educational lacks and from the possibilities to work with a psycho educational action within this collectivity. So, if we avoid getting older, as glogal of our nature as human beings, it will be disguise ourselves, and it can produce mental frustrations and problems.

As a primary measure, in sentence comprehension subtest, the number of correct responses to each of the 12 types of sentences was obtained.

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Este estudio explora las diferencias entre pacientes con DCLm y controles. A high self-stem, in general, is a key point as these people consider themselves really valuable and think that their experience is very positive for everybody.

Instituto de la Mujer. Finally, 30 individuals took part in the interview those ones who fulfilled reisbeg criteria by Petersen and had autonomy. Services on Demand Article.


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Within the elder people collectivity, people with DCL must be paid more attention from the moment of the diagnosis by taking into account medical and psychological measures and we do not have to forget the educational dimension to avoid as much as possible the mild impairment. Archives of Neurology, 56 3 As the disease progresses the destruction of temporo-parietal areas of the left hemisphere produces aphasic disorders: Classification results were better for the control group, but reached an acceptable percentage in mMCI group.

In the control group verb comprehension is predicted by intrusions in verbal fluency, and the comprehension of sentences containing two propositions seems to be related to control processes and recognition errors.

Recommendations from the National Institute on Aging-Alzheimer’s Association workgroups on diagnostic guidelines for Alzheimer’s disease.

The application of the deteriori began with five examples in which adequate feedback was provided to participants. In this sense, the cognitive damage constitutes one of the most important public health problems within developed countries. Beyond the differences found between both groups in neuropsychological tests, and regarding the first objective of this study, the analyses have shown that mMCI patients had worse performance on verbs than controls and also presented less variability.

For that purpose, the criteria by Petersenwere necessary for the diagnosis of Mild cognitive Impairment: Thus, studies of memory in MCI have dominated the research in this area for decades.

Is there a Grammatical Comprehension Deficit in Multidomain Mild Cognitive Impairment?

A very long-term follow-up study. The analysis of the results showed that out of 34 people, 4 of them did not fulfill the necessary requirements so that their autonomy were total, that is to say a ratio reisberv Lawton of 8 the punctuation to be autonomous should be under reisbbergand the comorbility by Charlson between 0 and 1, as it involves a risk of mortality. Deficits in cognitive domains other than memory.

Psicothema, 17 2 Trained and specialized staff members from the CPCI conducted the assessment in two sessions. Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders, 25 2 Procedure In order to establish the final draft of this research, we followed the following procedure:

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