Identify whether the reference words are anaphoric, cataphoric, or exophoric by selecting your choice in the pull-down menu next to each item. After you make. Definition of Exophoric from our glossary of English linguistic and grammatical terms containing explanations and cross-references to other relevant English. Anaphoric reference: An item in the text forms a cohesive link with another item which has already occurred – ie it refers back to and replaces that item, thus.

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I went to school yesterday. Exophoric reference is not cohesivesince it does not bind the two elements together into a text. When one of these pronouns exophofic in a text, the reader expects to have to link it with something, either an item which ahs been already mentioned or something that is coming up.

Anaphoric, Cataphoric and Exophoric Referencing

Inside it was the key to his future. Also, is this in reference to a text or to speech? Is it just this test being picky, or should I refrain from using them elsewhere? Here are some examples of exophoric reference: Exophora can be deicticin which special words or grammatical markings are used to make reference to something in the context of the utterance or speaker.

Donald Trump is the 45th Presisent of the United States. We meaning You and I can work as Anaphoric sometimes.

Probably just a typo? In the above sentence, they could be exophoric or endophoric. Robusto k 28 That is quite different to my understanding, but the concept of deixis does seem to be quite varied depending on your field.


My understanding of exophoric pronouns is that they refer to subjects that do not appear in the text.

We saw many things. Referencs know who ‘her’ is, you need to know who is speaking, or when and where they are speaking, or the speaker will need to point.

The use of exophoric reference requires some shared knowledge between two speakers, or between fxophoric and reader s. And the living room was very small room with two windows that wouldn’t be opened and things like that. It tells the reader not just to look elsewhere for information but to look elsewhere rfeerence a particular aim in mind – to compare the items that are being linked.

How do we know what the ‘context’ of the mentioned context is?

Sign up using Facebook. He refers to Michael.

But it is also possible that it refers to the environment refwrence which the dialogue is taking place—to the “context of situation”, as it is called—where the plants in question are present and can be pointed to if necessary.

It also refers to something that both speakers know about perhaps the dinner. For ‘That is a really big chair’ in text, ‘that’ has no possible -physical- referent. He found the weather to be calming and relaxing. Views Read Edit View history. If “they” refers to the set of all people who say such a thing, is it reflexophoric?

Jim, yes, [blush], thank you. The interpretation would be “those plants there, in front of us”. Her refers to my mother. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It had a beautiful brick wall.


Sign up using Exoophoric and Password. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued rfeerence of the website is subject to these policies. Baby of Linguistics 1. Can you give an example of an exophoric pronoun that is not deictic? The, this, that, these, those, here, there We call it demonstrative reference because it locates demonstrates where something is.

Michael went to the bank. Reference examples exophorci demonstratives: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Exophoric reference is something outside the discourse but is understood by both of the speaker and the hearer. It is exophoric because ‘her’ is outside the text, and deictic because the semantic meaning of ‘her’ is fixed but referende denotational meaning depends on the context.

Because they have already had knowledge about that or it is understandable from the context. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

An ELT Notebook: An ELT Glossary : Anaphoric, Cataphoric and Exophoric Reference

In mid-July a powerful American financier flew to Mexico City for a series of talks with high-level government officials, including President Miguel de la Madrid and his finance minister Gustavo Petricoli. So I don’t think the ‘he’ in your second sentence is exophoric. Newsweek21 Sept Exophoric reference occurs when a word or phrase refers to something outside the discourse.

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