Book discussion of Feersum Endjinn (Iain M. Banks). Having read all the other sci -fi novels by Banks, I’d originally been put off this one since it. Some may come to Feersum Endjinn through the much admired writing of Banks as novelist Iain Banks. To those not even mildly conversant. Buy Feersum Endjinn by Iain M. Banks from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction.

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Using the screen may be risky, leaving certainly is. The world might be different for the duration of the Encroachment, and doubtless altered considerably after it has passed, as it surely will; many species and artifacts will have to be artificially preserved, and the glaciers will affect the planet’s geography, but we will survive.

O deer Bascule, o deer.

Feersum Endjinn by Iain M. Banks

Macallan as his SF pseudonym, the name deriving from his favourite whiskies: It rose above a blue line of hills in the far distance, castle-shaped but impossibly big; a blue outline painted on the pale air, flat- and even upside-down-looking, not because it was not the correct shape for a castle – it was exactly the right shape – but because the higher up you looked the clearer the castle appeared.

Then from behind the arras came another voice, that of an old man: She blew hair away from the side of her face, glancing at Rasfline. In lateBanks was a prominent member of a group of British politicians and media figures who campaigned to have Prime Minister Tony Blair impeached following the invasion of Iraq.

Or mayb u wude like 2 go feerum a wok; take a constichewshinil roun sum ov thi terrices on thi feerum, mayb stop off sumware 4 lunch – wot u say, Bascule? His pillow contained a transceptor array similar to the device in his crown which let him access the data corpus; it made a pleasant change to dip into the crypt without that thing on his head.


Weak yellow lamps lit the tunnel roof sporadically, disappearing into the distance with no hint of any further light. He seems to be speaking in a Scottish or North London?

N-way whare wer we?

A few people passed him in the quiet streets, but all avoided his eye. A hint of light around it, a thin, hazy trail in the sky behind…. They’ve never done that, have they? He jumped up onto the observation platform and threw the hatch open again, remembering to shout, ‘Hatch open!

Also unknown was exactly what the stones were there for, or how they contrived to move in ways that were subtly but undeniably at variance with the ways they should have moved according to both highly accurate computer models and carefully calibrated physical re-creations of their environment. Thanks for reviewing this and bringing it to my attention.

Feersum Endjinn: An eclectic far-future science fantasy

Now… Ah, would you excuse me? I think this is one of my favourite of Iain M Banks’ novels. Though it likely helps that it’s been long enough that I remember basically nothing about the plot from the first time. It is thousands of years in the future, and Earth is threatened by a sun-blocking cloud of space dust which may well destroy all human life on the planet.

You might not “enjoy” Feersum Endjin in any traditional sense, but you will be glad you read it when you’re through. I hit a snag; Mr Zoliparia dozent apeer 2 b in.

Some of it’s best attributes are also s Bascule, pleeze, he sez, attempt 2 retain a sens ov proportshin. His section begins like this: The same number of birds beat rhythmically over the carriage. Banks’s father was an officer in the Admiralty and his mother was once a professional ice skater.

What Banks paints for us through the stories of Bascule and other individuals are the detailed sections–like the rooms feeesum Serehfa–that our minds can conceive of. The lieutenant braced himself against the car’s ceiling with his free hand and sniffed hard.


Feersum Endjinn is told from four alternating perspectives, and much of the pleasure of this book is slowly piecing together who the narrators are, what situations they face, a slow reveal of the very strange and complex ceersum that surrounds them, and finally the ways in which they are connected, which all gets elegantly tied together at the end.

He looked in on the Palace Astronomical Observatory; ffeersum had instruments watching the sun.

Here; read for yourself. It is as ferrsum as the more endjknn ‘The Bridge’ which so far is still my favorite novel coming from Iain Banks that I have yet read – I am still wading through his booksit is not set in the Culture series, but as a stand alone sci-fi novel with a very unique aspect about it, just as all his novels contain. Gadfium’s status decreed that she was above the need for an implanted direct status link, being one of those valued souls whose mind must be left free from the distractions of constant inter-communication to concentrate on undiluted thought, unless they chose to access the data corpus by some external means.

Sessine folded the sheet of paper and tore it frersum little strips, slowly and carefully, thinking.

She watched a crane swing a palleted load of steel-plate endjiinn the workers waiting on the summit of the structure, while above the crane’s delicate web-work the ponderous mass of a lufter drifted, engines droning, delivering a new batch of supplies. The stones began to move at four forty-one, holding pattern T-8 with drift-factor one.

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