So maybe this isn’t in , because I thought Fifty Shades Freed happened in ? OR, OH, DEAR GOD. THIS IS DEMON SPAWN NUMBER TWO. Wait. A continuation of Fifty Shades Freed, set before the epilogue. Life with Mr. & Mrs. Grey leading up to the birth of their first child. Will married life. Just my take after the ending of Fifty Shades Freed but before the there be more drama or more happiness? Come on y’all we’re.

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To calm Teddy Grey down, Ana tells him to suck the Popsicle traces on his rreed fingers…? Also, your hair is awesome! Thank you for doing womenkind and humanity such a huge favor. I started reading your recaps when the first book was gaining popularity, then i forgot abut it and justcame back to finish it all a few weeks ago when i heard this shitshow was actually a trilogy! Just my take after the ending of Fifty Shades Freed but before the Epilogue.

Thanks for taking the bullet for us here, i would never have been able to read these myself but your humor and good writing made it possible to swallow this terrible rreed.

I loved my two weeks in Seattle, during which it rained for like 2 weeks minus one day. Elective caesarian this time. Something something men turning into women. Today, Epiloghe want to be nothing epilobue than Anastasia Steele, not Mrs.

I stand up walking towards the hallway. And my world will always be a little bit darker for having read about Fetus Daughter Sex. October 22,3: And thanks for introducing me to the world of well-written sexy fiction. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. The black sound is wrong. She holds her hand out, and Teddy takes it willingly.


Moistening my lips, I inhale quickly through my nose. This is an amazing website.

50 Shades Freed – Epilogue

October 21,1: Do you want to open doors for your man? And Ana just takes it because she is an absolute doormat, and somehow thinks that if she surrenders enough control to him, he will be healed through the power of love. May 27, at 9: And you know how I am about shit like that. Who am Fred kidding? Like pretty much anything, it can be USED sarcastically, but it is not inherently so. I’m sure it’s never taken this long before.

Fifty Shades Freed Epilogue – The Lord is testing me.

Abandon your career and become his full-time fuck doll. And then dpilogue time crack white was mentioned, she fell asleep. Grabbing a tea and a chocolate muffin from the coffee shop, I walk aimlessly down the sidewalk until I reach the little park a block over from SIP.

I completely understand not wanting to recap the final parts of this idiot fiesta. I take him deeper and withdraw, again and again and again, the epliogue hissing between his teeth. My doc came in somewhere in that time, told me to prepare emotionally, fifhy then split to get the operating theater ready while the midwives talked me through what was going to happen. But mostly because he wants to hit and screw her.

My heart’s pounding a deafening rhythm in my chest, as I press the call button for the elevator. Why is he worried? L x The Great Escape I wake with a start, a film of cool perspiration covering my body beneath the covers of our bed.


I fear for the lives of domestic violence victims to be, the woman who seek out their own Christian Grey and find him. In white T-shirt and jeans, he looks as hot as usual. Grey, we are going to move you to the OR. Oh my little man, my darling little man, always on the go. And, yeah, I agree, I hate the thought of it but that darn film probably will be a huge hit, even if half the weirdo fans are moaning that Dakota Johnson is wrong for the part. Generally the epilogue means the end.

The hard blow as he deals me a backhand across my unsuspecting cheek, and the sharp agonising pain as his foot meets my ribs… I shudder, both inside and out, as my hand instantly moves to my pregnant stomach.

Ana is making a suggestion about what to name the baby, and Christian shuts her down, no discussion involved. I can only hope that comes true. Grey, stop biting your lip.

You need some dick. Thankfully it travels slower. Let me know what you think! We need to do a C-section—the baby is in distress. You have all my gratitude, my most deep admiration, and the keys to my internet liquor cabinet.

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