FM (FM )/ MCWP 7/AFMAN/ NAVSEA SSAF- MMO STATIC LINE PARACHUTING TECHNIQUES AND TRAINING. Field manual contains basic and advanced training and techniques for static line parachuting. It is designed to standardize procedures for initial. Static Line Parachuting Techniques and Training April TC (FM 3- ) / MCWP / AFMAN / NAVSEA SSAF-MMO

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When wearing a troop parachute harness and jumping with a B-7 or service approved life preserver Figurethe parachutist does the following: Before takeoff, these devices are inspected and the method of release explained. Students stand on alternate steps of the stairs while waiting. Number 1 remains bent forward at the waist; number 2 pushes the pack tray high on number l’s back and pulls the saddle well down over the buttocks.

It has a 4,pound breaking strength and 30 percent minimum elongation. It resembles a large ball. The main parachute consists of five major components — the harness assembly, the riser assembly, the deployment bag, the pack tray, and the canopy assembly. Although not classed as a parachute malfunction, a parachutist can be towed behind the aircraft by a misrouted static line or by stafic piece of equipment that has snagged the aircraft during the jumper’s exit.

The cable loop release does not require a great deal of strength to activate, and, if the parachutist is injured, the cable loop release can be easily activated by the thumb or fingers of either hand Figure Stow loop panel used to retain the suspension lines.


When slipping, the parachutist looks in the direction that the slip is being made, makes a sharp initial pull parqchuting effectively spill air from the canopy, and releases the riser s slowly to prevent spinning or oscillations. Organization and Equipment of Drop Zone Detail Then he jettisons his helmet. Personnel required to train on the SLT apparatus include one instructor for every pparachuting dismount points in use and four detail personnel for each unit Figure parrachuting, page Safety wire and lanyard.

Print edition must be purchased new and sold by Amazon.

This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat Each f must ensure that the snap hook locks properly. Running with the wind is accomplished when the parachutist rotates the canopy until the orifice is on the upwind side. Tandem Load and Lowering Line 1 Close bag fasteners; do not zip the bag because the canopy may become entangled in the zipper and damaged.

Deployment bag components with universal static line. Number 2 then slowly lowers the parachute while number 1 coils the suspension lines on top of the harness and places the canopy inside the bag.

All subsequent jumpers begin moving toward the door using a shuffle.

Static line – Wikipedia

The suspension is placed so that the student swings when stepping off the platform. Injured Personnel Reporting Data Part Six.


Inside the pack tray is a inch spreader bar. Primary Jumpmaster Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Static line

One student at each point along the beaded path returns the trolley risers with rope attached to the tower after the parachutist is detached. Once dry, shakeout procedures will then 3-2.220. Students who meet training proficiency in the basic jump techniques and physical fitness requirements during ground and tower week training are advanced to the jump training phase.

Static Lines and Deployment Bags The parachute deployment sequence is the same for both types of canopies. Fold the canopy and suspension lines into a series of figure eights, using both arms.

One student officer or NCO for each side of the tower 2 total stands at parade rest near the base of the pole supporting the cables facing the rope line. Explore the Home Gift Guide. If the MIRPS does not activate immediately, the jumper remains in a good tight body position dtatic still grasping the left carrying handle.

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