isolated medial malleolus fracture; isolated lateral malleolus fracture full-length tibia, or proximal tibia, to rule out Maisonneuve-type fracture. of the lower extremity were ordered and they demonstrate a high fibular fracture, i.e. Weber C stage 3 also known as a Maisonneuve fracture. Triplane fracture; Maisonneuve fracture; Tillaux fracture. juvenile Tillaux. Publicationdate October 1, The ankle is the most frequently injured joint.

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His radiograph is shown in figure A.

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Stage 1 – Tension on the lateral collateral ligaments results in rupture of the ligaments or avulsion of the lateral malleolus below the syndesmosis. Case 5 Case 5. Stage 1 – Avulsion of the medial malleolus or – ligamentous rupture Stage 2 – Rupture of the anterior syndesmosis Stage 3 – Fibula fracture above the level of the syndesmosis this is the true Weber C fracture Stage 4 – Avulsion of the posterior malleolus or – rupture of the posterior syndesmosis Scroll through the images.

In many cases the injury progresses to a higher stage.

The technician made the standard AP- Mortise- and lateral view and showed them to the radiologist, who was a little bit puzzled. Example 1 Basic interpretation There is a medial malleolar fracture. Which of the following statements accurately describe this radiograph?

Also notice the soft tissue swelling on the medial side indicating rupture of the medial collateral ligaments arrow. In fact this is an unstable ankle fracture, since there also must be a rupture of the medial collateral ligament stage 1so the ring is broken in two places leading to instability. Four hours later, he undergoes open reduction internal fixation. The oblique course of the fracture is typical for Weber B and results from the exorotation of the talus that pushes against the fixed lateral malleolus.


Thank you for rating! Open reduction internal fixation of the fibula and medial malleolus with syndesmosis reduction and suture-button repair. The fracture through the epiphysis can be easily missed blue arrow.

The Frenchman’s fibular fracture (Maisonneuve fracture).

Most fractures of the posterior malleolus are part of a complex ankle injury, either Weber B or Weber C. These Salter-Harris fractures can be easily missed. Always look for higher stages of an exorotation injury. According to Lauge-Hansen, it is the result of an adduction force on the supinated foot. Lateral Xray of ankle showing maisnneuve NB proximal fibula fracture not shown. Only now you notice the posterior malleolar fracture on the lateral view.

Fibular plating with open correction of plafond impaction with medial malleolar antiglide plate. Lucent line on Mortise view black arrow and lateral view.

On the lateral view the posterior cortex of the tibia is interrupted indicating a fracture blue arrow. What is the most reliable method to evaluate the competence of the deltoid ligament?

The Frenchman’s fibular fracture (Maisonneuve fracture).

Please login to add comment. Radiographics full text – Pubmed citation. It ,aisonneuve from subtle malalignment of the fracture fragment. According to Lauge-Hansen the fracture results from an exorotation force on the supinated foot.


Type V growth maisonnekve fractures carry the most concerning prognosis as bone alignment and length can be affected. When these ankle injury types are seen, further imaging of the entire fibula is recommended to assess for an accompanying proximal fibular shaft fracture.

Injury patterns isolated medial malleolus fracture isolated lateral malleolus fracture bimalleolar and bimalleolar-equivalent fractures posterior malleolus fractures Bosworth fracture-dislocations open ankle fractures associated syndesmotic injuries isolated syndesmosis injury.

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Fractura de peroné

Stage-2 is extremely uncommon. The radiographs show a typical Weber B fracture. This case illustrates the importance of medial soft tissue swelling aswell as the finding of a tertius fracture. The lateral side is under extreme tension with stretch on the ligaments which results in an avulsion fracture. Continue with the CT and be amazed.

Example 2 Basic interpretation Transverse lateral malleolar fracture.

Bone fractures Disease stubs Musculoskeletal system stubs.

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