Ang Fray Botod ay kathang satiriko ni Graciano Lopez Jaena noong tungkol sa isang paring Espanyol na ginagamit ang relihiyon upang. This friar stereotype later became the symbol of the Spanish regime in the Philippines. The sketches in Fray Botod, told through a dialog between a Filipino and. Fil fray botod. 1. Fray BotodInihanda ni Nikki Reyes; 2. Fray Botod sinulat ni Graciano Lopez Jaena tungkol sa karaniwang prayleng Espanyol.

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He was recognized as the “Prince of Filipino Orators” who wrote great and striking articles in the infamous newspaper La Solidaridad in Barcelona, Spain.

How terrible, ho ugly!

I do not know for sure whether he loves politics in order to deliver speeches or he loves literature to be a politician. Meanwhile, let us leave everything which prolongs it. The indios let him win; otherwise he is in a bad mood.

We all wade in gold. Botod has occupied the pulpit during his fifteen years of being a priest, and all he does is to hurl a lot of insults. But the masses themselves, he evidently believed, were also culpable, for they suffered from an acute inability to think independently and rationally.


At the age of 18 he wrote the satirical story “Fray Botod” which depicted a fat and lecherous priest. The entries were judged in two phases — written and actual delivery on stage. In this room, where the air hangs heavy with the sensuous fragrance of spices, the fat friar enjoys his regular afternoon siesta.

A friar is a priest! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here When the publication office moved frray Barcelona to Madrid, the editorship botld succeeded to Botoc H. Unfortunately, due to financial problems, his parents could not afford to frsy him in Manila.

fray botod

Huwebes, Setyembre 25, Friar Botod. She received a cash prize of P5, plus trophy.

Friar Fday is petting gotod, consoling her, but she is insensible and indifferent toward it all. Graciano replied, “On the shoulders of slaves should not rest a doctor’s cape. Boy bring the hot peppered vinegar. Posted in Iloilo City, Philippines. Botod is worse than a hyena. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. For Rizal, Filipino religious devotion was rooted in superstition, indoctrination, and blind acceptance.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. We cannot go back to the old ways. Rizal, as the triumvirate of Filipino propagandists. Ah, let us leave these sad ideas, let us go near and see the rascally friar.


Ordinary Filipinos were simple and gullible in dray religiosity, unable to distinguish between truth and deception. Botod regards his religion—. What a brute, what a detestable person. They told me, and I never believed it. Rizal noted, “His great love is politics and literature. As money lender, he lends money but forces the tao to pay him back with cavans of rice, the price of which he dictates.

Fray Botod by Graciano Lopez Jaena Is Amusing When Read In | el Talonggo

There on that soil of the Virgin, nobody is poor. The author, Nereo C. See the crowd of small boys who are leaving the parochial school, naked, some from the waist down, others from the waist up, running towards his Reverence to kiss his hand.

You are all slaves of Spain, of Father San Agustin. He returned to Iloilo and practiced medicine in communities. She continues crying and being overcome by fear, obeys and follows the friar automatically.

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