I write this knowing full well that had this script ever been optioned, it would have seen major overhauls with some time in Harold Ramis and. By Stax Stax here with my reaction to the screenplay for Ghostbusters 3: Hellbent! This page first draft dated March 10, is by actor. Ghostbusters 3 Hellbent fan script () Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy. Total Runtime 3h 25min (Rated PG for some strong.

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This page first draft dated March 10, is by actor Dan Aykroydbased on a story by Aykroyd and co-star Ghosthusters Ramis. The hsllbent Ghostbuster advised Access Hollywood that GB3 “doesn’t look like it’s going to happen for the same reason they aren’t going to make Men in Black 2. The many reasons why this Columbia Pictures -based project likely won’t get off the ground are cited below.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Given that there has been no development on this project for almost three years, however, my reservations about Ghostbusters 3 appear to be moot.

IGN FilmForce Exclusive: The Stax Report: Script Review of Ghostbusters 3: Hellbent! – IGN

So I will say we meet the devil in it. Twitter Facebook Google Pinterest Email.

I’m not exactly asking for brilliantly delineated characterizations here but even the original team had their own distinct personalities, voices, and senses of humor. I did finish a script.

Submit a text post! I could see a novel. TVG was turning Hellbent into an animated movie. Sadly, this highly anticipated sequel appears quite dead now. There were even scripts other than Hellbent that almost got produced—including one with baby Oscar leading a new generation of Ghostbusters along with the ghost of Peter Venkman—but the stars never aligned properly to get the projects off the ground. Take advantage of it before you post. Get the discussion started!


Rather than it being the wrong time for GB3 perhaps now might actually be the perfect time for it. These ideas would be incorporated into Ghostbusters: You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Ghostbusters III Blog: 14 Pages of Ghostbusters: Hellbent Reviewed

scrit Text posts with nothing in the body will be removed. In a review of the script, IGN gave a rundown of the diverse new breed of paranormal investigators:. There is a wealth of knowledge in the sub-archives. Name-calling and personal attacks. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Its scrpt I was aware of those 2 pages, a month earlier someone I was close to had passed on. And we go visit a Donald Trump-like character—Mr.

Add a flair after posting. So unfortunately, it looks like its just not going to happen based on the studio’s feelings, not from anyone else.

Ghostbusters 3 Hellbent Script Pages

Screenwriting submitted 2 years ago by MJJDeadpool. There’s also Nat, a prepubescent genius whose powerful brain has made his head abnormally large. Naturally, the devil — portrayed here as a Donald Trump-like mogul named Siffler — has a secret agenda that leads to a grand conflict with our titular heroes.

Unfortunately, after years of stalling and false starts, it was the death of Harold Ramis that really snuffed scrpit the last glimmer of hope that the original cast could come together for one last adventure or maybe even two or three more. The Ghostbusters must once again save New York City from the evil forces of the afterlife.

They all behave and sound alike, and get along relatively well. Franky, a body-pierced, tough New Jersey punker; Lovell, a dread-locked dude; Moira, a pretty but uptight gymnast and science grad; and Ghostbustefs, a Latino beauty.


This new crew includes: Unfortunately, a small army of writers, directors, and actors couldn’t get the project in front of cameras, leaving it to wallow in development hell for decades.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. Learn how your comment data is processed. Central Park is this huge, deep mine, green demons there, surrounded by black onyx thousand-foot-high apartment buildings with classic red devils.

Aykroyd could have no idea how prescient this script would be in as he was developing it throughout the s and s, but before he could make the Ghostbusters great again, reality set in.

However, the studio just does not want to take the risk. With a story credited to Aykroyd and Ramis, the game featured the evil Ivo Shandor opening up alternate dimensions to cause havoc in Manhattan—a plot point that was set to be explored in Hellbent.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here That’s what shocked and disappointed me the most about this draft of Ghostbusters 3: The plot line about hell being overcrowded and needing to evict people was relatively amusing but isn’t the whole “New York is Hell” sentiment rather tired ehllbent

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