Critique of Economic Reason (Radical Thinkers) [Andre Gorz] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. André Gorz’s earlier books—from Ecology. British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data. Gorz, Andre. Critique of economic reason,. L Work & leisure. Social aspects. I. Title II. Metamorphoses du travail. Critique of Economic Reason: Summary for. Trade Unionists and Other Left Activists. Andre Gorz. Chapter 3 in Labour Worldwide: Alternative Union Models in.

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A Guide to our Radical Thinkers! Erik rated it it was amazing Dec 25, Unlimited capital accumulation harms others, as the historical memory of pre-Gorzian capitalism would amply indicate. Also a journalist, he co-founded Le Nouvel Observateur weekly in Tolga Ulusoy rated it it was amazing Aug 14, Rather we should take the opportunity to create a society in which we all have the opportunity to get involved in activity which has social value but which cannot form part of a commodity exchange.

A recommendation: Critique of Economic Reason by André Gorz – An und für sich

That is basically the autonomist position as I understand it: Izden Kara rated it really liked it Apr 19, At the heart of his alternative is an advocacy not of “full employment,” but of econmic equal gprz of the diminishing amount of necessary paid work. In the s and s, he was a main theorist in the New Left movement. That is to say, if we remain on auto-pilot, either out of despair or out of a misplaced faith in historical determinism, we will wind up with the same outcome human history has generally had.

This type of rationality emerged alongside the birth of large-scale capitalism during the Industrial Revolution. Trivia About Critique of Econo The first portion of the book covers the history of “economic reasoning” and it meshes perfectly with where we are currently at. Challenge yourself with new discoveries in our Radical Thinkers series.

He has a variety of more detailed proposals for how this might work in practice, for instance, how to make it possible for people to have flexible, self-chosen schedules on a very long time-frame not just working 20 hours every week, but possibly working only six months out of every year or taking even longer breaks. To the extent that I am able as a pastor of a church, I have tried to modify our office hours to allow our employees more free time.


It is not arbitrary because it responds to what the economic rationality under which we live actually does — i. First, one of the primary goals of economic rationality is the progressive reduction in the amount of labor necessary for production.

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Critique of Economic Reason

Gorz’s programme is to tackle this by sharing work and skills more equitably, and prevent the creation of an aristocracy of labour dividing society between those who have work and those who don’t. The reason capitalism can lead to something like communism is precisely because it so greatly increases productivity and decreases necessary labor — it is the manner in which these benefits are inequitably distributed that is the problem.

Best analysis of the situation of workers in regards to the predominate Economic Reason, as well as an amazing Critique of the Economics of Capitalism.

I have no memory of the content of this and no idea why I read it. In other words, making his life more meaningful. For instance, his assertion that ‘autonomy’ as part of the new and improved autonomy-heteronomy axis complementing Marx’ freedom-necessity-axis in working life can never be achieved if dependent on machinery due to the fact that machines are governed by their own laws-for-themself and thus ‘heteronomously’ turn workers into extension of the machine-process seems to me to be feason type of techno-fetishistic confusion Marcuse too falls prey to: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Burritoboy, A more direct and principled objection to your claim that a Gorzian order could not resist someone who said that capital accumulation was their sole good — Gorz recognizes the pretty widely accepted principle that the critoque of freedom must be constrained by the requirement not to harm others. The fact is that when people are asked if they would like to have more time or money of their own other things being equal they choose time.


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This may be a consequence of the period, during which the welfare state seemed stable enough to nullify class contradictions; nevertheless, even if we make this concession Gorz is still inexcusably mired in a eurocentric blindness towards the degree to which work hour reduction could only be made possible if supported by vast and continuous third-world exploitation. Adam rated it it was amazing Mar 16, But it nonetheless still remains a realm of necessity.

I must say that even though it works for us, our employees remain sceptical that it could on a larger scale.

Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation? Part of the Radical Thinkers series. In Critique of Economic Reasonhe offers his fullest account to econonic of the terminal crisis of a system where every activity and aspiration has been subjected to the rule of the market.

Benjamin rated it it was amazing Dec 05, Then we work long hours. In Praise of Disobedience. Published October 27th by Verso first published Once production becomes a subordinate aspect of life rather than its driving force, this would presumably break the cycle and Gorz has concrete examples of where this has happened on a small scale.

Critique of Economic Reason by André Gorz

While this is easily misinterpreted if identified with labor under capitalism or most other modes of productionsuch an identification is dubious, if not downright sloppy. He could spend his days learning new skills, travelling, spend time with his loved ones. Published by Adam Kotsko. Thus, humans will never be satisfied in modern politics. Od rock-solid chapter is that on women and the role of the family within the labour critisue within it, he develops a strong argument for why ‘housewife’ should not become a state-subsidized occupation as this would amount to paying women to stay indoors – the solution would rather be to, again, lower the hours of waged work without reducing wages so as to free up family time goorz both partners.

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