Book Review. Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht,. Production of Presence: What Meaning Cannot Convey. (Stanford University Press, ). With his book Production of. Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht: Production of Presence. What Meaning cannot Convey User’s manual PRESENCE PRODUCTION MEANING METAPHYSICS A spatial. Production of Presence: What Meaning Cannot Convey. Author: Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht. × (60×90/16) hard cover, pp., ISBN 5‑‑‑4 .

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Ein neu zu erkundender Kontinent”. Dec 11, Emm rated it liked it Shelves: Producion his writing, Gumbrecht emphasizes the importance of material experience to consuming literature and art.

Bring back the thingness of the world.

Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht – Wikipedia

San Francisco State University, a nice combination of both, at times: It offers a personalized account of some of the central theoretical movements in literary studies and in the humanities presenxe the past thirty years, together with an equally personal view of a possible future.

As well as publishing academic works and teaching graduate and undergraduate students at Stanford, Gumbrecht is recognized as a public intellectual in Europe and South America and contributes to a range of newspapers and journals in English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Fascinating, audacious, and clearly written. An attitude that gives a higher value to the meaning of phenomena than to their material presence.

While these are two of Gumbrecht’s more detailed elaborations on temporal moods, Stimmung relates also to a broader concept of moods that can be triggered by aesthetic experiences to produce a sense of “presence.

People seriously interested in art, semiotics and the humanities in general. Taking a step back from his “Farewell to interpretation” stance, this is a fascinating exploration in part via Heidegger of what the dominance of Cartesian intellectual orientations may exclude from the analysis of cultural phenomena.

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He wrote primarily in German during his early career, and in English after moving to the United States in Mysticism The presence of the world or the other is physically felt although there is no perception of a real object.

On a Hidden Potential of LiteratureAfter The case for presence is thereby overstated, since no room is left for any role that meaning might play in our bodily appropriation of the world. Over forty scholars of theory, philosophy, and literary studies who had worked with Gumbrecht attended the conference.

There is more to the world than meaning. In presence cultures, humans consider their bodies to be part of a cosmology — part of the world. It synthesizes many nascent threads in contemporary philosophy seeking to surpass the post-modern turn. Presence is a central concept to many of his books, including In Secondly, presence is obtained through the presentification of the past.

The intersubjective and the performative are in general impoverished in his work which leads him to characterize the relation between presence and meaning as volatile rather than often stabilized in practice, for example through ritual a concept he often invokes and the other ways that publics constituted through co-presence dampen such volatility through repetitive associations.

The relationship of layers of meaning and layers of substantive presence in art. Gumbrecht was a Full Professor at the University of Bochum from toand from to at the University Siegen, where he founded the first Humanities Graduate Program in Germany, which was dedicated to the topic “Forms of Communication as Forms of Life.


On February 9—10,a conference titled “After Latency as Origin of the Present — Critical Inquiry”.

The Production of Presence: What Meaning cannot convey

Archived from the original gmubrecht December 18, The ephemeral character of aesthetic experience. Larissa Andrioli rated it it was amazing Dec 25, Stanford University Press Amazon.

Selected pages Title Page.

Living on the Edge of Timewhich associates excitement and anticipation with the emergence of new and faster-paced activities, forms of entertainment, and ways of thinking. Typical to defer the moment of actual violence and thus transform violence into power. Over the past forty years, he has published more than two thousand texts, including books, translated into more than twenty languages. Connects presence with extreme temporality: But for us to experience Being, it will have to cross over and become part of culture.

Production of Presence: What Meaning Cannot Convey

From focus upon interpretation to focus upon presence. Jun 27, Ben rated it liked it. Positions and Concepts in Motion. As an ethnographer engaged with what Gumbrecht calls presence effects I found some of his assertions at once overly cautious presencd ethereal.

But herein lies the most frustrating thing about this book: The relationship between human bodies can constantly turn into violence.

The horizontal dimension points to Being as being perceived. The rest of the book reads as sentimental wallowing. Stanford football coach David Shaw also attended.

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