I’ve done subjective comparisons of the Ritual Path Magic system before, but I haven’t ever spoken directly to the book in which it is contained. GURPS: Thaumatology – Ritual Path Magic. Yes, the much anticipated new supplement has been released upon the world, with little fanfare. THE MAGIC IN YOUR MIND U. S This book reveals a mental magic that assures success, consciousness THE_MAG GURPS Thaumatology: Ritual Path.

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Ritual Path Magic FAQ

Let’s take a closer look then at this supplement and see what Gurp like about it. Much more language, with explicit numbers where appropriate, to help define the line between a Lesser Effect and a Greater Effect. You’re likely to get a faster answer that way, and I assure you that if it seems like it belongs here, I’ll put it here. I think the system is one of the best alternatives to the vanilla magic system, gudps, right tool for the right problem, right? Ritual Path magic is a freeform magic system; the caster chooses a combination of Paths and effects, and the GM has the final say over whether this will achieve the effect the caster is looking for.

Sean Punch 56 pages. Secret Magic that use the Ritual Path Magic system. Of course, I didn’t do it ex nihilo — it was built up from fitual and rules found pzth GURPS Thaumatologythen ruthlessly pounded into the mold I was looking for.

Designed to emulate the magic of real-world traditions and popular books, movies, and television shows, this framework permits practitioners to cast improvised spells, elaborate rituals, and everything in between. Benjamin Gauronskas September 6, at 5: Now, remember that you always have alternatives.

If you want to mentally enslave people and then brainwash them later, you’ll have to use the unwilling sacrifice rules in The Enemy. This supplement empowers you to: The basic concept behind Ritual Path magic is that casters must learn Paths; each Path represents a subject think “Noun” or “Realm”; e.

T here is no such thing as a “universal magic system”; by its very definition, magic is something that works differently depending on who you’re asking.

  ASTM E466-96 PDF

Ritual Path Magicwhere there’s a will, there’s a way! There are then lots of modifiers to customize the spell e.

Overview P-Shaped table of contents. A lot of the information on pages needs to be used in tandem, but there is a lot of text, though very helpful, only serves to drive me mad with page flipping.

That said, running the examples in real life makes it click really quick. See how the system works with over 80 sample rituals that cover all the major effects the average caster relies on, such as healing, injury, communication, and protection. A ritual’s energy cost is determined by the Verb being used; e. Think of it as a “meta-effect,” if you will. A very interesting sub-system for finding grimoiresbooks that give bonuses to casting spells, and for pricing them out is included, and I find it a surprisingly helpful and welcome inclusion.

The book starts with a 10 page chapter on the core advantages and skills for learning the system in game, then a 9 page chapter on the execution of the core mechanics, a 15 page chapter on advanced details, a 12 page chapter example spell list, and then a 3 page example critical failure table. But like I said, the information on a first read through, and refresher read-throughs is very well presented. In this case, you are making the choice for him.

Learn how to craft rituals to produce the effect you want with the skills you have, and what can help or hinder you when gathering the energy to make the ritual work.

I’d gitual a significantly larger Grimoire section. Preview of the PDF. This is a 56 page PDF, where the thaumatloogy chapter starts on page 4, and the main content ends on page 53 with a 2 page index after, giving us 50 pages of stuff.

Despite the few areas where I have big beefs, I love the system that comes from this book, because magic that lets you do anything is awesome. I hope to get to a point someday where we can use it gufps in our campaigns. No, for the same reason.

And I think that a half-dozen pages devoted to longer-form examples would have been generally helpful to more than just me. That’s like a rule, man. The actual content of the book is great, it just needed a better organization of the mechanically heavy chunks, or a summary appendix.


The first chapter introduces the concept of the system and describes the key mechanical components that a player needs to use the system.

GURPS Thaumatology: Ritual Path Magic

Thaumatology – Ritual Path Magic. It is legal to hold his daughter hostage until he helps you with your spell, because he still has a choice — he could choose to let her die. This supplement empowers you to:. Yes, of course, this supplement had to include it, as the assumption was only pah you have the Basic Set when you pick this one up. Newer Post Older Post Home. I’d have liked it in an appendix, but it mavic big enough that finding it isn’t too hard.

GURPS Thaumatology: Ritual Path Magic

Sorceryanother self-contained system that models magic as a power and mgic as mystical advantages the sorcerer can draw upon instinctively, easily, and repeatedly! Too much of the exact same language as was presented in Monster Hunters 1. At 52 pages, cover to cover, it could have been longer. Popular Posts December 12, A short Grimoire of pre-built spells to serve as examples for those of us who learn best by examples.

GURPS Thaumatology: Ritual Path Magic by Steve Jackson Games – PDF Drive

Due to this open-ended nature, I have no desire to lock down every aspect of the system. Sometimes, I take the reference maigc for granted, but this is one time where I feel like it is a critical omission. You can’t counter such a powerful ritual with thousands of minor-spell mgaic. For example, if that mighty spell is a Lesser Control Mind effect to add a Delusion, you can’t use Lesser Destroy Magic to dispel it or use another Lesser Control Mind effect to overcome or alter it unless you’re willing to generate at least as much energy as magoc original caster did.

As explained above, in this one case, the Lesser Control Magic is a separate effect from the normal use of the ritual.

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