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Hello all seniors and members, I sent my application a few days ago and it should arrive to thr CIO tomorrow. The thing is that those two forms. Following the issuance of revised Ministerial Instructions in June , Citizenship and Immigration Canada also revised its IMM Document Checklist. Get the Imm e Document Checklist – Permanent Residence – Federal Skilled Worker Class. Description. PAGE 1 OF 7 DOCUMENT CHECKLIST.

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Applications for permanent residence under the Federal Skilled Worker Class can be submitted by foreign nationals who are skilled workers and professionals.

To ensure you have the latest version, please use the link to the application form. The table below illustrates the selection factors and the corresponding points that are awarded pertaining to each criterion. Apparently you have to show a last 6 months bank statement, so probably is better to do it in advance. I haven’t read the full blog yet, I’m following the history inm my own: Applicants are encouraged to complete the form electronically and to validate the information to generate the 2D bar code before printing.

Sorry if the question is too personal or if you talk about it later The federal skilled workers offers a new component qualification that is offered to international students who are pursuing or have completed a doctoral Ph D in Canadian institutions. Please read the instructions for more information.

They are as follows:. About Contact People sez. This had the potential for causing considerable delays since documents such as police certificates could take months to obtain. Use the checklist of documents to make sure you include all other forms and documents you need. Tuesday, August 4, at 5: I do not know if this is the latest checklist but just 55612 same we prepared our documents based on it.

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IMM Document Checklist Archives – First Reference TalksFirst Reference Talks

There are two other programs for skilled workers seeking permanent residence: The Document Checklist contains 7 pages so let us deal with it per page. Applicants should follow the new instruction guide to better prepare their applications.


Page 3 of 7. Canada immigration programs Get started. Newer Post Older Post Home. Based on the current IMMthe applicant must now submit a complete application, including all supporting documentation at the time of the initial filing with the CIO. Hi JustPJ, Congrats and thank you very much for the blog, it has been very helpful and inspirational.

Immigration programs How we help you? Thus, setting our minds and hearts to it and believing that, through God’s grace, nothing is impossible in making our dream into reality solely for little R.

A final page with bar code and a field for the signature will be automatically created. Pursuing ijm Canada dream for our little R entails so much documentation, processing, payments and so on. These Ministerial Instructions imposed a mandatory language proficiency assessment on all Federal Skilled Worker cases, even those submitted by native English or French speakers and even where they did not require language points to qualify. If you have children from a previous marriage that ikm want to take to Canada and there are any custody issues or concerns.

The Federal Skilled Worker program has a new eligibility stream that is open to international students who are pursuing or who have completed doctoral PhD studies at Canadian institutions.

Find application forms and guides

Visa offices in Abidjan, Accra, Ankara, Caracas, Guatemala, Havana, Moscow, Nairobi and Vienna offer a different payment method for applicants who are not able to pay in Canadian funds. For more information, please consult Canada skilled workers immigration point based system article. Page 2 of 7. Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

There are two other 55612 for skilled workers who want to become permanent residents. More Thanks for dropping by!

Federal Skilled Workers Discussion Forum

Yeah, that is how positive we are because we needed this one chance for little R. The skilled workers federal received by the Centralized Intake Office CIO after November 14, will be prepared using the instruction guide and update checklist of documents IMM or they will be returned as incomplete.


If you or any of your family members have a past criminal conviction or caution or are concerned about being inadmissible on grounds of criminality or need to apply for rehabilitation. Opportunity The Federal Skilled Worker program has a new eligibility stream that is open to international students who are pursuing or who have completed doctoral PhD studies at Canadian institutions.

However, what was not expected was the requirement that applicants also submit all documents listed on the specific visa office document checklist applicable to the consular post where the application will be processed.

Our Canada Dream Diary: Documents Checklist

To ensure you have the most recent application form, please use the link to the application form below. Visa Officers are authorized to substitute for the criteria listed here and to accept or refuse the applicant no matter what points are awarded.

Create a free account to access all latest immigration opportunities and requirements. CIC has now also clarified that documents must only be submitted once and that they will 55612 forwarded to the consular post once the initial screening has been completed. Skilled workers and professionals The rules for applying as a federal skilled worker can change from time to time without notice, contact us in kmm to get answers imn your questions.

Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed.

I’m single, so I dont have that option anyway. Of course there are many more situations, the above are just examples of areas that can become obstacles to immigration if they are not handled and dealt with correctly. Home Do you qualify?

The purpose of the points based system is to determine those likely to benefit the Canadian economy, which means, for you, the ability to become successfully established in Canada from an economic perspective.

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