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See the effect of revolutionary commotions! But I had nearly forgotten to warn you, in your Rembrandt Printsto look sharply after the Burr! This brochure, which has been called “rare” in book-auction catalogues, has been sold for upwards of two guineas.

Sharpe and Hailesare among the most elegant, as well as accurate, publications of our old popular writers. It is all lies, said another; the booke is starke naught. The curious should purchase the anterior edition of for the sake of better impressions of the plates; imorim, however, in any condition, are neither tasteful nor well engraved.

A Tragedy, by Mr. Mademoiselle d’Hamilton, Comtesse impfim Grammont, faces p. It is printed in the small type on 56 pages, exclusively of viii. Do kmprim and attend the shops of Mr. Whether it be copied from a figure on his tomb — as it has a good deal of the monumental character — I have no means of ascertaining.

No more of this heart-rending subject! But we forget our symptoms of the Bibliomania.

This Oldys was the oddest mortal that ever wrote. But I failed in every point: Ferriar appeared; after which, as you well know, our friend put forth his whimsical brochure. The difference would soon be found in King Street or the Strand! And if, as with a sponge, he wipe away such establishments, genius has little incentive to exertion, and merit has still less hope of reward.


Walpole that were printed by him before his death, 4to. Gutch’s spirit and enterprise some mention has been made before at p. Since the yeartwo additional volumes have been published. In the Bibliotheca Revickzkiana we are informed that the true Elzevir edition is known by having the plate of a buffalo’s head at the beginning of the preface and body of the work: It contains all the maps and prints, with their variations, according to the Bibliographie Instructiven o.

The press-work and ink are, always, proportionably better in these copies: I have seen Mr. Crowles; who expended l. Of the earliest edition I am uninformed; but one was published at the Hague in8vo.

This engraving, by G. But the fault, in general, is rather in the preparation of the vellum than in the execution of the press-work. He was put apprentice to a grocer in Norwich: George Baker for press; and printed, since his decease, for donations to his particular friends. This book contains 96 pages in the whole. Isti per multos libros vagant legentes assidue: Let his bust, in basso-relievo, with appropriate embellishments, adorn the most conspicuous compartment within: Greville, produced, at the sale of his books, the sum of sixteen guineas.

Bibliomania, by Thomas Frognall Dibdin : PART VI. The Alcove.

We have almost the umprim day before us: Of these beautiful and intrinsically valuable works, there were umprim 25 copies struck off upon folio; which bring tremendous prices. For one ‘fine and rare’ printby Hollar, Faithorne, Elstracke, the Passes, Delaram, or White, how many truly precious and useful volumes may be collected?

An uncut copy was recently sold for 6 l. It is, perhaps adds hethe only uncut ijprim Aldus in the world. Nor did the madness stop here. I subjoin a few examples in illustration of Lysander’s definition: You allude to the Strawberry Hill Press?


Nothing could be more congenial than every circumstance and object which presented itself. It is rarely one meets miprim books printed in this country, before the yearstruck off in such a manner. The author’s collection of Rembrandt’s prints according to a MS.

Now, let the reader observe, here are only four lines; but which, to be properly illustratedshould be treated thus: His British Librarian has been more than once noticed in the preceding pages: But for the last time, let us listen to the concluding symptomatic stanza of an “aspirant;”.

Index of /wp-content/uploads/2010/03

Hoylandmdcclxix8vo. Berryer, the father-in-law of Lamoignon, is made at p.

7205 It seems too preposterous for men of sober sense and matured judgment to yield to. For fifty years his stock, in these twin departments, was copious and respectable; and notwithstanding total blindness, which afflicted him during the last six years of his life, he displayed uncommon cheerfulness, activity, and even skill in knowing where the different classes of books were arranged in his shop.

Bibliomania, by Thomas Frognall Dibdin

As I am the examiner, I here demand of you, Sir, what may be the meaning of the fourth symptom of the bibliomaniacal disease, which you call Unique Copies? Grave ; he may be said to be in a fair way to become master of the whole arcana of Print-collecting. It stimulated the studies of Farmer and Steevens, and enabled them to twine many a beauteous flower round the brow of their beloved Shakspeare.

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