CBDT notifies ITR for A.Y. (FY ) – Download ITR-1 SAHAJ AND NEW INCOME TAX RETURN FORMS FOR ASSESSMENT YEAR This is the Application Form For Sahaj Individual Income Tax Return ITR Income tax return for the assessment year 3) DTAA relief: The SAHAJ Income-tax Return form also cannot be used by an individual.

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Statement of income distributed by aninvestment fund to be provided to the unit forrm under section UB of the income Tax Act Application Form for approval under clause ii or clause iii of sub-section 1 of section Mode of Filling Income Tax Return 1. Electronic under digital signature 3.

New Income Tax Return Forms Assessment Year

Fortnightly return under section P 2 b of inclme Income-tax Act,in respect of doc. Declaration under section 7 of the Income-tax Act, ,forcontinuation of regst. Form of application for registration as authorised income-tax practitioner. Assessee has income from — A. Ministry of Company Affairs. Assessee has PGBP income from firm only from — 1. Statement to be furnished to the Assessing Officer sahxj under rule 12B of the Income-tax Rules,in respect of income distributed by the Unit Trust of India.

Please find given below the Forms issued by Income Tax department for Returns Filing as per categories mentioned below. Form of application by a resident applicant referred to in section N b A III seeking advance ruling under section Q 1 of the Income-tax Act, in relation to a transaction undertaken or proposed to be undertaken by him.


Form for evidence of payment of securities transaction tax on transactions entered in a recognised stock exchange. Information to be furnished to the income-tax authority under section B.

Income Tax Return Forms 2013-14 Assessment Year

For Companies other than companies claiming exemption under section 11 Statement of tax deducted at source from contributions repaid to employees in the case. I was able to get the form I need through http: Subscribe to get Latest Updates. Form to be used ITR You can also upload word and powerpoint document and convert it to PDF File.

Authorisation for Claiming deduction in respect of any payment made to any financial institution located in a notified jurisdictional area. Form for notification of agricultural extension project under sub-section 1 of section 35CCC of the Income-tax Act, Form for intimating non taax of information under clause b of sub-section 1 of section Declaration under sub-section 1C of section A by senior citizen claiming certain receipts without deduction of tax.

Report of an accountant to be furnished by an assessee relating to computation of capital gains in case of slump sale. Certificate under section or formm Notice of demand under rule 2 of the 2nd Schedule.


Application for approval of mutual funds investing in the eligible issue of public companies under Section 88 2 xvii. Incomf of payment for carrying out scientific research under section 35 2AA.

Form for maintaining accounts of subscribers to a recognised provident fund. Application for registration of a firm for the purposes. Warrant of hax under section of the Income-tax Act,and rule 1. Certificate to be issued by exporting company to the supporting software developer for the purpose of clause ii of sub section 4A of Section 80HHE.

Form ITRSahaj Individual Income Tax Return AY | Income Tax of India

Refusal to supply information under clause b of sub-section 1 of section Particulars required to be maintained for furnishing quarterly return undersection A. In the case of a person being an individual where the total income includes income chargeable to income tax, under the head, —. Certificate Under section of the Income Tax Act, for tax deducted at source. Appeal against refusal to recognise or withdrawal of recognition from a provident fund.

C E-filling only with Digital Signatures. Saahj financial information Income statement. Annual return of collection of tax under section C in respect of collections for the period ending.

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