Into the Wild Nerd Yonder. Julie Halpern, Author. Feiwel and Friends $ ( p) ISBN It’s Jessie’s sophomore year of high school. A self-professed “mathelete,” she isn’t sure where she belongs. Her two best friends have transformed themselves. As much as I love Into the Wild Nerd Yonder, I kind of hate it, too. Seriously, this book is amazing and I’m so jealous of Julie Halpern’s writing.

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Teenage boys are gross. He is in a band with Van, who is ‘that guy’. S When I was a freshman in high school, my best friend and I tried out for a neighborhood wildd team. I just hate dances! Stop the presses, a teenage girl with a healthy relationship with her parents!

INTO THE WILD NERD YONDER by Julie Halpern | Kirkus Reviews

Oh…yeah I think that sounds right actually… Stu: Jessie sews her own skirts, aces math class, plays the drums and is basically adorable. And Jessie and her brother Barrett are just great, yet natural.

Worst of all, there is the tiniest but unmistakable smell of “in today’s after-school-special, we’ll learn the following important life lesson I did all my sewing in JR high. Her best friends have turned into overnight punks. And while her so called friends were undeniably vicious and mean girls, Jessie herself was no angel…she was a little passive aggressive, and slightly snarky. They were nice and pretty hip without being all “father knows best.

Into the Wild Nerd Yonder by Julie Halpern

Her thoughts are not overwhelmingly about sex specifically she is skeezed out about the idea of a BJ, which a lot of girls are at fifteen, understandablybut she fantasizes a lot about her long-time crush Van taking her up into his bedroom, into the back of his car, etc, and eventually her thoughts switch over to Henry, the dork-boy.


They are marvelous creatures. Refresh and try again. Unfortunately, Jessie’s reaction to this is a lot of passive-aggressive slut shaming.

Into the Wild Nerd Yonder

I’m not super impressed with the cover, I think it needs to be more spunky and modern. I’d have loved this book in Jr high while being secretly, delightfully scandalized by the occasional bad word halppern the talk of BJs — if I’d been able to figure out knto that stood for! Do they also have to get gonorrhea and be taken advantage of by asshole dudes? Are everyone’s brains programmed to think different types of people are attractive to ensure the survival of the species?

This book is no literary masterpiece, but its one of the funniest halperb I’ve ever read and it’s a short, fun read too – I finished it in a little more than 24 hours. We, as the readers, want to be able to use our imagination and not be explained everything. They are exactly as I remember me and my friends being: Mar 13, Heather rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Two things I found hilarious: But I still enjoyed the book immensely and will be laughing about that camping trip for quite a while.

Yeah, wait just a sec. What do they do then? I had friends in a number of cliques – and I had a friend like Jessie’s best friend, Bizza, who was maybe not the best choice for me. And we all know friendships don’t suddenly become easier because you get older. I just came across this book again today and remember really enjoying it and hqlpern I had written a review for it at the time.

I was so pleasantly relaxed and happy She brushes it off, but when Bizza hooks up with Van, something inside her rages. While the rest of the book, and Jessie’s journey in learning to have the self-confidence to embrace the things and people she likes, isn’t strong enough to recommend the book to older readers.


You can be mad a friend, deservedly mad at a friend, without resorting to misogynistic name-calling, and I hate the example this sets for other teen readers. One thing I didn’t really buy was how everyone in Jessie’s family disapproved of something in her life but never told her. I thought it was done a little too neatly but that’s okay. But I didn’t realize it was the catalyst that ended things with my best friend.

A lot of teen books do this, and I can understand why. Home Entertainment Young Adult Education.

We’re All A Little Nerdy: ‘Into The Wild Nerd Yonder’ by Julie Halpern

The family got a long far too well for having two teenagers so close in age. And where do I fit into all of this? Why such overindulgence in vanity?

There were nine sets of parenthesis in bt double spaced pages. Like Jessie, I was one of those kids who didn’t fall anywhere on the high school social food chain.

I will say that I really appreciated that it was a youn I just came across this book again today and remember really enjoying it and thought I had written a review for it at the time.

Oct 21, Anne rated it it was amazing Shelves: Well, maybe we could hang out together some other time? Maybe this is just me. I never thought of it growing up – I did good in school, often liked doing my homework, read a lot, had low-key parties with my few close friends with pie-making and playing “Heroes of Might and Magic” on PC.

I jupie like Into the Wild Nerd Yonder is a book for me, about me, and at some moments could have been written by me.

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