This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Díaz – Chapter 7: “Invierno” summary and analysis. ‘Invierno’ by Junot Diaz. Alex Clark. From Diaz’s second collection, This Is How You Lose Her – unsurprisingly, men in foundering or vanishing. JUNOT DÍAZ riverhead books a member of N ilda. Alma. Otravida, Otravez. Flaca. The Pura Principle. Invierno. Miss Lora. The Cheater’s Guide to Love. 1. 27 .

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Yunior Rafa his brother and his mother are confined to the house, not allow to go anywhere.

This Is How You Lose Her – Chapter 7: “Invierno” Summary & Analysis

But everyone in the family is meant to feel alien. To the reader it is clear that the father is in charge and that what he says has to be invireno.

In my opinion, he didn’t act like a father but a controller. Before the family moved from Santo Domingo to the United States they were a happy family, but being in a different environment really changed them.

Yunior and his mother have not found it easy to deal with all of that. He talks about how he tried leaving the house but the father didn’t let him. The mother also listened to her husband and did not dare to disobey him. Beware of Pity by Stefan Zweig Sep 20, Yunior is now middle-aged, middle-class, a self-described sucio struggling to mature into adulthood and not succeeding particularly well. Send me 3G1B posts by email! Even when he saw his brother gone outside, he stay in the apartment to watch.

The dense cultural relativism in Diaz nunot make it seem as if the characters are never allowed to live openly, freely. Throughout the story we see how some of the characters change. And it’s true the narrator did a great job in creating images, he didn’t hide away any improper word or moment but express all of them to us. Their mother has a much harder time picking up English.


Invierno by Junot Diaz | Three Guys One Book

While Yunior does junkt Rafa stays home and obeys his father. When the narrator is forced to be bald by his father, he had no say and was neglected since his father didn’t care.

Your email address will not be published. Do you think the title knvierno the story told in the book? Hiking with Nietzsche by John Kaag Sep 25, The only partly finished apartment buildings have a laundry room in each basement. Rafa is trying to become the perfect son or like Yunior says “Number One Son. At the end of the story she decides to go out and explore her surroundings. An unannounced competition for empowerment is taking place in the family.

If you junnot to create a title for this book, what would it be and why would you choose this title? All junnot of them do as the father says so they would not get in trouble. Invietno banks on the appeal of his characters to balance their less palatable qualities: In what may be the most poignant story, “Invierno,” Diaz tells the tale of a young Yunior and his brother when they’ve first arrived to the States from the Dominican Republic.

And the author shows the transition made from Rafa, who was once an energetic person and now bacame a quiet and gentle boy.

Would you have liked a different ending?

Once the father has been in a bad mood the little brother decides to behave but the narrator has been mistreated by his father but wasn’t able to say anything. How did they change? Mei Ying Chen August 14, at The dialogues that the author placed in the story are so powerful, invierho words speak for themselves. They watch about nine hours of TV a day. This complexity is one of the greatest appeals of Diaz’s work.


Throughout the whole story, Yunior’s father is controlling over the family. At first, she junnot silent and then she stepped out of the house, symbolized that she breaks free from the control of her husband.

If my parents used that language towards me I would feel sad like he did. Explain why or why not.

‘Lose Her’ Finds Power In Resonant Voices

Learning to sleep in new places was an ability you were supposed to lose as you grew older, but I never had it. Eventually she cried at the top of Westminster, marks the end of the story. Michelle Quito August 14, at The brother begins to listen to his father when he is told to stay inside. They junott have functioned as her natural support group. I can completely relate to this story because its exactly how i felt when i went to mexico iunot year.

It would go along with the story because both Yunior and his mother want to go back to their island. Was this positive or negative? In the beginning both Yunior and Rafa got in trouble with their invidrno.

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