The K1 II uses Kawai DC-8 memory cards for external data storage, These cards are available from your nearest authorized Kawai dealer. Kawai DC or. As you can well see, Kawai’s naming scheme got significantly out of hand in the early s. There have to be more “K”, “1” and “I” characters on this page than. Download KAWAI K1II-SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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Thanks for the patches. Thank you for your generosity! I am trying to reset the K1 ii to factory. Thanks for the information package and backups to the old patches.

Kawai K1-II

Looking forward to exploring the K1m, should make a great pair with an SQ Friend, thank you for providing this technological tool to revive my kawai k1 ii, could you please sumunustrarme the code to unzip the file?

Volume I and II could contain duplicate sounds, but I decided to include it within this package for your benefit kzwai in case there were a difference.

Very usefull stuff, great work, mate!

Thank you so very much much for sharing these! Maybe I can revive my good old K1 with these patches. It was loaded with sound effects and crappy patches! Hi Sy Az, I just attempted to email the archive password to you a couple of times, but got a return message back both times: Just bought a used K1 from a guy who kaai it….


During editing, it provides a manuual means of changing parameter values. Still waiting for new Kawao in my music arsenal. I downloaded the patches, highly recomendable! After one year from the discovery of your UltraProteus pack, here is another one for another one of my synths! I too love designing sounds for the K1.

Hi Thank you for these patches.

All new Kawai sound banks Copyright Michael Lyon. The archive is also password protected.

Many thanks again for providing those! Thank you so much for making you your K1 patches available. Thank you for the patches. The display should read: Register a new account. Thank You for making these available.

Thank you for sharing, looking forward to try them on my new to me K1. Thanks for uploading these. Thanks Again, Mike Akers. I just have purchased a K1m second hand a few weeks ago. Hello michael, I would very much like to use your patches for my kawai k1 II which I acquired recently, and which I fell in love with as soon as I touch mamual.

Thank you for kindly making your K1 patches available. Thank you very much. Hi Ivan, Yes the patches I have available will work on a Kawai K1, except for the effects section of the patch data, which is only available in the Kawau II.

Interested in getting the new patches installed as well. Very much looking forward using these in my latest work. Very gracious of you amnual share your hard work. The K1 is such a capable machine and well designed for a bargain. Thanks for the patches!


Kawai K1-II Manuals

You need to be a member in order to leave a review. Separate drum section This track, which offers iawai selection of 32 percussion instruments, is completely separate from the eight multi-timbre patches. I also have the K4. Hi Michael, thanks for the zsoundbank, could you send me a password?


This ensures a proper count of the users who download, and use these sounds. Thanks in advance for the Kawai K1 patches…! On your K1-II control panel make the following parameter changes: Superb touch response The K1 ll keyboard supports both velocity, the force with which you hit the key, and aftertouch, the pressure that you apply as you hold the key down.

I ran across your website, and thought it would be great to try out some of your sounds as well. This will get me busy on the weekend: Thank you for this nice work to keep the K1 alive after 30 years.

So grateful for you sharing. Thank you so much. Sign up for a new account in our community.

I just bought a used K1 which is missing all factory presets: I download your sample patches. Looking forward to playing them soon with my K1r II.

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