The KKS system is a classification system for the complete power plant and its components and provides a common language for the designer. IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM KKS Chapter I KKS Guidelines and Total Plant Key Chapter II Function Key Chapter III Equipment Unit Key Chapter IV Component. I have a query which states: One of my client using KK standard codification for P&ID In KKS Codification of P&IDs, the line tag, instrument tag and valve tag.

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G — Electrical devices A Grid and distribution systems B Power transmission and auxiliary power supply C Instrumentation and control systems D Instrumentation and control systems E Conventional fuel supply and residues disposal F Handling of nuclear equipment G Water supply and disposal H Conventional heat generation J Nuclear heat generation K Nuclear auxiliary systems L Steam, water, gas cycles M Main machine sets N Process energy supply for external users e.

Mechanical Service Systems Mechanical service systems which serve more than one main group identified on breakdown level 1 are identified as auxiliary or ancillary systems in separate main groups F1 by means of the following coding letters: The data characters in parentheses may be omitted if the code remains unique.

Main machine sets common to L. W — Renewable energy plants On breakdown level 2 supports should be identified by BQ.

These types of code are distinguished by means of prefix and breakdown symbols. Redundant zeros kkz be written, e.

Numbering begins anew for each structure. Point of Installation Identification Identification of points of installation of electrical and instrumentation equipment in installation units e. They are made up of coxification and numbering code elements. Modern methods of digital systems programming and ability of efficient use of technical documentation require to use the concept of functional group positions A1 and A2 and number of the group positions An – three numerals depending on degree of complexity of automatic analog control system.


Identification System for Combined Cycle Power Plant (KKS coding)

System-related identification is expedient where the supported items are positively assignable to one system. Installation zone X Grid zone Installation zone Y. Thus for example, it may be necessary to use items which are identified differently on breakdown level 1 main codifucation and associated parts of auxiliary and ancillary systems in order to fulfil a given process-related task functional group.

Regulation part is described in level 1 by process-related installation, and level 2 by the controlled parameter – control part is described by executive device e. C — Codificatiom and control systems The prefix symbols may be omitted if the information contents of the codes remain unambiguous. E — Binary and analog signal and variable conditioning Component Code A component designated in breakdown level 3 is a part of equipment unit identified codiifcation breakdown level 2.

KK standard codification

B — Power transmission and auxiliarY electrical power supply It is one digit which identifies one from two or more identical subsystems in the overall plant. If necessary, further grouping can be performed by using FN.

Subsequent isolation and pressure equalization valves in the measuring circuit are components of the measuring circuit and therefore classified as KA. Format of Code I – 2.


Component codification and identification systems|INIS

This is subject to agreement between the parties to the project. Equipment Unit-Specific Analog Signal Processing and Measuring Circuits Equipment unit-specific analog signal processing elements comprise control and codificatikn equipment which is only provided for one equipment unit such as control interface, protective logics, instruments in the feeder and command termination for final control elements. If several process-related kls are situated in one structure we designate this structure according to the main, most important system.

Any combination of alpha and numerical symbols appropriate to the requirements is acceptable for the identification of connections.

General Notes I – 5. Feed water system Sealing fluid supply system for LB.

Equipment unit identified in breakdown level 2 belongs always to a system identified in breakdown level 1. Location Identification Identification of locations in structures, on floors and in rooms and also of fire areas. Special Rules kkks Civil Engineering A Grid and distribution systems B Power transmission and auxiliary power supply C Instrumentation and control equipment D Instrumentation and control equipment for use only when function codes Codificatioon to CT are insufficient for the identification of system combinations The subdivisions in F2 and F3, are given in the applicable Function Key.

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